Friday, June 23, 2006

foodie sweets

This is the omiyage (souvenir) that Satoshi brought home for me from Tokyo. It is made by a company called Festivalo.

Most airports around Japan have this brand, but with different types of desserts--this is so that you have to actually GO to the specific airport to get the certain type of dessert! A couple of years ago, we bought a version called Caprese from the Fukuoka airport, which had chocolate on the top and the sweet potato filling on the bottom.

For this version, called Tokyo Mont Blanc, they combined murasaki imo (purple sweet potato) and kuri (chestnut), it wasn't very sweet, so it was very easy to eat!

There is also a chocolate shop in Umeda which I really like called Palet d'or. I noticed that they had a new product--macarons, so I got some to try.

Unfortunately, they didn't have a chart which explains what flavor each one was, so this is what flavors I thought they were.

light green = lime with green tea
light pink = cherry with chocolate ganache
lt brown with cocoa nibs = an orange/citrus filling
brown = chocolate
dark brown with cinnamon = a cinnamon filling with ganache

It's supposed to rain the whole weekend here, hope you enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got some really "sweet" treats!

bourgogne said...

hk and macarons! can't get better than that. i have badtz maru stuff. i like how the tops of the imo/kuri dessert look like flowers.

K and S said...

Hi Ivonne,

yup, they were delish!

And now that you mention it, Bourgogne, they do look like flowers.

Have a great weekend you two!


Anonymous said...

I am so loving everything in site on this post. That Tokyo Mont Blanc...wowee! Wish I could get purple sweets over here. :-(

K and S said...

glad to brighten your day, Rowena!

Thanks for stopping by!


polly + dieter said...

these treats look amazing. i can only long to taste them. living in bradenton, does not give one much access to such exotic flavors as these. you are a very lucky person. i will in the meantime search the internet and dream.

K and S said...

Hi Polly + Dieter, I hope you will get to taste something like these treats soon. You will get hooked!
Take care!