Thursday, June 08, 2006

suigetsu park

Well, today the Kansai area has offically started their rainy season.

Today, Satoshi had the day off. We planned to go to a park called Suigetsu Park (before the rain!), which is about a 15 minute walk from our place.

I got up early to make us some sandwiches for breakfast in the park. This peppered ham is made by a company called Kyoto Pork. I saw this brand recently while roaming the aisles of a neighborhood gourmet supermarket and decided to try this local brand. It is really good, not too salty. I made one sandwich on a walnut roll with pesto, the ham, tomatoes and lettuce and another sandwich on a wheat roll with olive tapenade, the ham, tomatoes and lettuce.

We stopped at 7-eleven to buy some canned coffee to have with breakfast. I got a new one made by Ogawa Coffee, a well-known brand in Kyoto. Both the coffee and sandwich were really delicious!

After breakfast, we roamed around the park and enjoyed the hanashobu.

Hanashobu is a type of iris. This park will hold an iris festival this coming weekend, but since we don't want to deal with the crowds and since Satoshi has to work on Sunday, we decided to check them out before everyone else had a chance to.

I tried to link Flickr to Blogger, but something makes the whole computer freeze, so, here are some photos from the park.

By the way, hydrangea in Japan is called ajisai and is also associated with the rainy season. The part that looks like "petals" are actually leaves of the plant (or so I was told once). I really like the colors of ajisai, kind of reminds me of candy!

After walking around the park, we went to Umeda, I had a bead class. I have graduated from Bead Crochet and have moved onto Bead Stitch and will receive my "diploma" later. Bead stitching is very popular in the U.S., but only started up here in Japan recently. I'll post something about my project after I've finished it!

Hang in there, one more day until the weekend!

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As always, such lovely pictures!