Monday, April 20, 2009

bialetti + illy = delicious

After seeing Giada use her espresso pot on her show, I immediately went and got one from Amazon the last time I was home.

I purchased the Bialetti Moka Express espresso pot which makes 6 espresso cups (there are different sizes to choose from) which when you pour into a cafe cup comes out to 2 cafe cups. Just follow the directions and within a couple of minutes you'll have freshly brewed espresso.

The good thing about this espresso pot is that there are no filters to throw out after using, you just throw out the coffee grounds then rinse out the pot (Well, you do have to take the pot apart to rinse but no other major work involved.)

I am using Illy's caffe macinato which after googling, I found out is more ideal for espresso machines than the stovetop espresso pots....meh, it still brews a good cup!

Add some frothed milk and voila! Cappuccino. I have also chilled the brewed espresso and added milk for an iced version. If you want to save money on expensive coffee drinks, this is definitely a great way to do so.


Kathy YL Chan said...

Fancy! I've never made my own cappuccino before...all those $4 cups at the coffee shop start to add up after awhile :/

Tamakikat said...

Hi there.

I so feel like another coffee right now. Your cappuccino looks good:)

I was going to get a Bialetti Moka Express myself but saw Amazon don't ship them overseas and with the 'endaka' buying one here in Japan seems far more expensive.

Hearing about it again though I'll see if I can pick one up cheap in Europe.

BTW where do you get your Illy's caffe macinato?

And will we see Kat's latte art soon?


K and S said...

You should try it sometime Kathy, super easy and nice on the wallet too :)

Thanks TK, I got my Illy at Ikari supermarket, but have also seen it at Seijo Ishii. Did you try looking at Amazon Japan? Though you may be able to find them cheaper in Europe :) Gosh, I wish I could do latte art!

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Illy! Ooooh yes!! Kat, that's true for the espresso grind so I guess they don't sell the grounds for Moka? We use either and both turn out a tasty tazza but I'll make a note of doing a test between the 2 later on. (Wow, and you have a 6 cup capacity!)

Question: how much is the Illy there? A 8.8oz tin costs 4.45 euros ($5.77). We go through a tin in about 10 days (breakfast and dinner, lunch too on weekends) but it's still worth the price.

Rona Y said...

I bought the Bialetti Mukka maker (not the cow print one, but the all metal one) a few years ago, and I love it! I don't often drink coffee, and when I do it's always cafe au lait, so the Mukka maker was perfect for me (no bothering with heating up the milk, etc. etc.). It does cappuccino, too!

I buy decaf Illy from Costco, so I can actually sleep at nights! :-)

K and S said...

Never seen the Moka here Rowena, I think I paid 1400 yen (about US$14) for the 8.8 oz. How many scoops do you put into the filter and do you only use it once? I only use the grinds once.

I wondered about the Mukka maker Rona, if my friend Kazumi invites me to Costco, I'll be sure to check out their coffees.

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

We top off and lightly pack the coffee grounds into the filter cup since we're heavy on getting an intense flavor. Sometimes when I want it weaker I'll add the grounds but won't pack it in. Another brand we use is Lavazza, a little less but the flavor is fine.

K and S said...

Wow, your coffee sounds very intense Rowena :0 I only put a tablespoon of grounds.

I wondered about Lavazza, thanks for the tip :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

You make me wish I still drank coffee regularly! ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Deb, you can have your coffee through my adventures ;)

Take care.

Unknown said...

Hi Kat,

How nice to see you own an Italian caffettiera! :) I can't be without mine! I have a couple of them, but my favorite is a small 1-cup caffettiera I received as a gift from my mom a while ago. It's very small and will fit anywhere! I remember when we first got here, I took it with me and had it in the suitcase along with a tazzina (Italian coffee cup) and of course some coffee!

Illy is delicious! Excellent choice! Lavazza is also wonderful! By the way, are there any Yamaya stores in your area? Their website is:
There is one here in Kanagawa and that's where I do all my shopping for Italian products! They have an incredible selection of quality items and their prices are unbelievable! At Yamaya I find Illy, Lavazza and other major coffee brands for a lot less than regular grocery stores and definitely a lot less than stores like Seijo Ishii! I hope there's one in your area because I'm sure you'd enjoy going there! :)

Ciao Kat! :)


K and S said...

Thank you for the info Mari! I really appreciate it :) I will check into Yamaya, I hope there is one nearby.

Take care.