Wednesday, April 29, 2009

kinkan muffins

Have you ever received something that you didn't quite know how you were going to use or eat? Well, last year, we got some bottled food items from my MIL.

One was this bottle of kinkan (kumquat) which were bottled in a sweet syrup. Of course, with them sitting in their box, they were "out of sight out of mind" until Monday, when I realized the expiry date was rolling around the!

I found a recipe in a cookbook I have for muffins. Instead of the earl grey tea and nibs in the linked recipe, add 60 grams (2.11 ounces) of the kumquats (by the way, the recipe I was looking at used a moistened type candied orange peel). I used most of the bottle, deseeded and minced it up and put them into the batter. I also reserved several sliced kumquats for the tops.

The muffins came out great, light and delicious. I thought it would be bitter because the skins of the kumquat are a little bitter, but it was just like eating candied orange peel--the kind with the granulated sugar on it. I guess with it being packed in syrup it helps take away the bite. With the rest of the kumquats, I'm thinking about putting it on yogurt in the morning.

This was an excellent way to use these up.

Satoshi is off today, it is a National Holiday, Midori no Hi (Greenery Day) and the day is also the Emperor Showa's birthday.


tiptup said...

nice muffins! I made the financiers from aran's blog and they came out great. highly recommended for candied kumquats!

Deb in Hawaii said...

They look delicious. It's nice to find a recipe that you like and that works when you are trying to beat that expiration date!

Anonymous said...

I really like your creativity in the kitchen. And I wonder if the kumquat was sweeter than you thought it would be because it had been baked and the natural sweetness of the kumquat was intensified.

Have fun with your future creations!

K and S said...

Thanks tiptup, I will check them out :) they sound delicious!

Thanks Deb, sometimes I feel the expiry date in Japan comes around a bit too quickly.

Hmm that could be true Anon! Thanks for telling me about this :)

Take care everyone.

Leon Koh said...

love your pictures of the bakes!!!!

K and S said...

Thank you Leon :)

Take care.

Ann said...

Oh yummo! they look delish! love the texture.

K and S said...

Thank you Ann they were delicious :)

Take care.