Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It has been awhile since I've posted about chocolate....

Chocolove's 65% chocolate with crystallized ginger had lots of zing. Crystallized ginger in almost every bite, whereas Weinrich's milk chocolate with hazelnuts had very little hazelnut flavor and was waxy and really really sweet.

Shirayuki Brewery's Chocola Beer had a sickly sweet aroma (kind of scratch and sniff chocolatey) and didn't make for a good tasting beer...totally disappointing.

Homemade chocolat chaud made with melted 65% chocolate and warm milk was heaven in a cup.


Deb in Hawaii said...

I'll have the ginger chocolate and the cocoa please and skip the hazelnut chocolate and beer!

I have some more chocolate I need to post one of these days too. You are a bad influence!

Rowena said...

The idea of chocolate beer...interesting but if the aroma turned you off that is a bad sign already. That ginger chocolate sounded heavenly!

K and S said...

Can't wait to see what I'm influencing you to try Deb :)

Yeah, they were raving about all the chocolate beers at Valentines Rowena, I like dark beers but not if the aroma is sickly sweet. I wanna try to re-create that ginger chocolate!

Take care you two.

Lori said...

I've never figured out what percent chocolate I like the best. Do you know what percent you like the most?

K and S said...


For eating it straight, probably 65%-70%, but for baking or hot chocolate 70%+. I think you have to do a "chocolate tasting" to figure out what percentage you like because not all brands are the same.

Take care.

tofugirl said...

Chocolove's ginger chocolate is one of my favorite eating bars! The other brand I really like right now is Seeds of Change's dark chocolate with pecans and cranberries. Okay, now I have to go buy some on the way to work.

K and S said...

Ooh thanks for the heads up on Seeds of Change, Tofugirl, I'm going to google to see if I can get some the next time I'm in Hawaii :)

Take care.