Friday, May 15, 2009

crispy chicken nugget salad

Dinner last Monday....I had been eyeing this recipe in Ellie's book for sometime now.

Instead of the "Crispy Chicken Fingers" I made nuggets.

I'm not sure if the cereal I used made this soggy, but the side that was on the foil came out soggy and also stuck to the foil. I used Special K flakes because we don't have Chex here. I think I needed to smash the cereal finer. I guess I hadn't had Special K in awhile--they are sweetened.

The honey-mustard dipping sauce was delicious and had a lot of zip since there was a good amount of dijon in there.

I turned this into a salad and used the sauce in place of dressing. Ellie's suggested serving of sauce is 2 tablespoons but I only used half a tablespoon on my salad. I would make this again.

p.s. We are starting the weekend early here. If you leave a comment, I'll confirm it when I get back, see you in a couple of days.


Rona Y. said...

Try using regular Corn Flakes rather than Special K. My dad used to make schnitzel using cornflake crumbs (purchased at the grocery store), and they were really crunchy (though they were fried, not baked). I'm sure you could use panko, too, as long as you remembered to turn them over so both sides would be crisp!

2kamuela47 said...

A definete must try...have a great weekend!

K and S said...

Thanks for the tip Rona, I will look for corn flakes the next time I make this. I didn't want to use panko because they use lard/shortening to make it crispy :)

Thanks Laura, I hope you like it.

Take care you two.