Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'd like to wish all the mothers out there a "Happy Mother's Day". Hope you get all the pampering you deserve.

Now onto food...We recently tried Mior's pudding 250 yen (about US$2.50) each. Pudding (or "puh-lin" as the Japanese pronounce it) in Japan is more like a custard flan with liquidy caramel on the top.

This pudding came in a cute little milk bottle, with a cap. The bottle had French on it: Cette douceur détend mon espirit! Un moment de détente pour s'adonner sans complexe au plaisir de bons gateaux.

Which, with the use of my dictionary and babelfish came out to: This softness relaxes my mind! A moment of relaxation to devote without complex with pleasure of good cake.

The bottom had the liquidy caramel, then the custard and at the top was a little swoosh of whipped cream, which had flecks of vanilla in it. They also gave us narrow spoons which would fit inside the bottle.

The bottle only holds half a cup, but it was just enough to soothe a sweet tooth.

Rich, creamy and delicious.


Mary and Sean said...

Hi Kat! We're new readers of your blog. We live in Okinawa and your entry this week reminded me of a great dessert we had at an izakaya last night. It was a huge hunk of soft toasted white bread with a vanilla pudding custardy dollop on top and a scoop of ice cream, all drizzled with syrup. Delicious and simple! We're going to make it at home.

By the way, I see you're from Hawaii. We're visiting next week and would appreciate some suggestions on restaurants. We love food too! Please stop by our blog and leave a comment if you have time!

K and S said...

Hi Mary & Sean,
Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment.
I love Palama Market's kimbap (korean sushi). Dinner at Alan Wong's or maybe at his other restaurant Pineapple Room. Kua'aina's bacon lettuce tomato avocado sandwich.
If you search on my blog for "hawaii eats" you will come up with a lot of places I go to whenever I'm home.
Enjoy Hawaii!
Take care.

Pocky said...

Kat, that looks amazing!!!! Sure beats a sugar free Jell-o pudding cup over here in the states.

K and S said...

Thanks Pocky!

Take care.

moshi mooch said...

oooh! I have tried the pudding before and it's so smooth and creamy.

A great satisfaction in a small jar.

Have a great sunday! =)

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - I love the little milk's a nice touch! I hope you had a great weekend.

K and S said...

Moshi Mooch, It is great isn't it?

Thank you Kirkk, I love the little milk bottle too, the weekend was too short!

Take care you two.

Coconut Girl Connie said...

Oh my gosh, this looks delicious...I want the bottle!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

I LOVE that brand of purin. We had some a couple of years ago that a friend brought to our apt. as an omiyage and I kept the bottles for a while - so cute for small flowers like cherry sage.

Miori said...

Wow! That looks amazingly delicious. I'd really love to get a taste of it.

It's such a pity we don't get such nice desserts like that here in Barbados =(

Take care!

Rowena... said...

I had a great mother's day thank you! Hanging out at the cafe in Lecco and playing tourist. We even saw another westie and wire-haired doxie like Maddie & MB! Wish it did not have to end.

I love that bottle....hmmm...judging from the size I think it would make a nice vase for flowers later?

K and S said...

Thanks Connie :) I think Japanese have the cutest packaging!

Will have to remember to use them for flowers, Abigail :)

I bet you get to eat a lot of good papaya and mango, Miori :)

Glad you were able to hang out on your day, Rowena :)

Take care everyone.

U N I F O R M B E H A V I O R said...

Looks rather European! I wonder why American packaged desserts are always in plastic..

K and S said...

Not sure why Americans package their desserts in plastic Uniformbehavior, but the Japanese are hooked on packaging their items in glass or pottery.

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

I think I would buy it for the cute little bottle packaging alone! (cute packaging gets me every time!) But it is good to know the pudding is good too. ;-)

K and S said...

Packaging gets me too Deb :) the pudding was a bonus!

Take care.