Friday, May 29, 2009


Several weeks ago, we went to Sone and had a great time.

Well, it is rose season and I realized that we haven't had time to visit our favorite park this year.

As I rode the train one day, I noticed a tiny park with colorful blooms, Teshima park, located near the Hankyu Sone station.

So, on Tuesday, since it was semi-sunny, I went to check it out. Teshima Park had some roses here and there, but it seemed sparse and there were a lot of homeless guys drinking, which made it kind of creepy.

Next to the park is a baseball stadium called Toyonaka Rose Stadium (The rose is the Toyonaka city flower. By the way, the sasayuri (bamboo lily) is Minoo city's flower.)

Since I was in the area, I decided to also check out a bakery, Aix en Arles. This tiny bakery is located several streets from Vin Blanc and specializes in hard-type breads.

I bought a pizza 160 yen (about US$1.60), pain au chocolat 160 yen (about US$1.60) and a rye bread 110 yen (about US$1.10).

If you go to this bake shop and try this pizza, be careful not to break your teeth biting into this...boy, was it hard! but delicious...the sauce really tasted like a homemade ketchup, there was spicy sausage, maybe chorizo? and some cheese...simple but hard.

The pain au chocolat was more bready than flaky, I think I prefer flaky over bready though.

I sliced the rye bread, toasted it with pizza sauce, some leftover kefta meatballs and cheese and we had it for breakfast the next morning. This bread tasted more like sour dough and was chewy on the inside.

Tuesday was a great chance to get out and about, the weather here has been really overcast, raining here and there, kind of iffy. I think the rainy season will start soon here...maybe it already has?

Aix en Arles (UPDATE: this shop is no longer in business)
3-1-3 Chokojiminami, Sunshine Chokoji 1F
Toyonaka, Osaka
Phone: 06.6864.3920
Closed Wednesdays, Open from 7:30-19:00

Have a nice weekend!


Mary and Sean said...

Nothing better than a homemade french bread pizza for breakfast...thanks for giving me that wonderful idea for this morning!

btw, thanks for all your suggestions about Hawaii. We had a great time doing the sights and eating, of course! btw, we tried Alan Wong's for dinner. Fabulous! Have you been there?

K and S said...

So glad you both enjoyed Hawaii, Mary & Sean :) Satoshi and I have eaten at Alan Wong's and loved it, glad you were able to go there :)

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

That orange-colored rose is so beautiful and now I am craving pizza. ;-)

K and S said...

I hope the pizza you have is nicer to your teeth Deb ;)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

Drunks in the rose garden? Maybe they wanted to be in a place that is supposed to smell good, in stark contrast to how much they must smell. Ugh.

I like how you always find these little hideaway makes it sound as if there are more than you could possibly visit (read: heaven!).

K and S said...

I know it was so creepy there, Rowena..but as for most eateries, if they aren't advertised in foodie guides/magazines, one would never know about them (unless you lived in the neighborhood and even then...) I think the competition for business is pretty fierce here.

Take care.

Heatherfeather said...

I just found your blog today and I am enjoying reading about your adventures and food experiences in Japan. My favorite food to eat and cook at home is Japanese :) I am going to start following your blog for inspiration.

K and S said...

aw thanks *blush* Heatherfeather!

Take care.