Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So last week, while Satoshi was at the DMV, I staggered my departure and arrived in Nagaokakyo so that by the time Satoshi finished his renewal, we could have lunch together.

I occupied myself by walking to the Tenmangu, which is about 5 minutes from the Hankyu Nagaoka-Tenjin station.

The large torii (stone gate) towers over the entrance. There are huge azalea bushes near the torii too, which are said to be over 150 years old!

To the left is a large pond, with many tea houses, probably used for tea ceremony. To the right is a long wooden path to a hexagonal hut.

The property is very large and along the edge of the ponds are lots of sakura (cherry trees), it must be very beautiful in Spring.

Satoshi met me at the Tenmangu and after walking around the property, we had lunch at Cafe Fleur. This cafe is located in front of the station and is what the Japanese call "jun-kissa" or true coffee house. The interior is 60's or 70's, vinyl walls, low tables. Their food is so-so, and the atmosphere was pretty interesting. I think there was velour on the ceiling...

Satoshi had the Fleur lunch, this came with a lot of fried items---croquette, fried shrimp and cream croquette. I had the meat sauce spaghetti, this actually tasted REALLY different from the meat sauce I know, I think they had put either demi-glace or okonomiyaki sauce into this (or both!)...It was my first time to try this coffee shop and I am glad I did.

Also near the Hankyu Nagaoka-Tenjin station is a tiny bakery called Levure. I bought some anpan for our snack. Matcha anpan 105 yen (about US$1.05) & yomogi anpan 105 yen (about US$1.05)

The matcha (green tea) anpan was filled with white bean paste mixed with green tea. The yomogi anpan was filled with adzuki bean paste and the outer dough had yomogi (mugwort) mixed into it. Both were delicious especially after being toasted.

Cafe Fleur
1-8-2 Tenjin
Nagaoka-kyo, Kyoto
Phone: 075.951.6729
Open 10:00-22:00 Closed Mondays

1-1-10 Nagaoka, Nagaoka Plaza 1F
Nagaoka-kyo, Kyoto
Phone: 075.952.3478
Open everyday, 7:00-20:00

more photos on Flickr.


2kamuela47 said...

matcha anpan? that the first time I've seen this...loves good!

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

I love yomogi! And nice green pics of the foliage - very beautiful.

K and S said...

I hope you get to try this soon Laura :)

Satoshi loves yomogi too Abigail :)

Take care you two.

Rowena... said...

Velour on the ceiling? Interesting as I am trying to imagine it in my head. Anyway, I am so glad that you mentioned your anpan snacks because that matcha with white beans sounds really good. I think I'll take your suggestion to use some other beans if I can't find the azuki. Cannot flake out on Donut Day after flunking Escargot Day. :-(

K and S said...

Actually when you mentioned snails the other day, I envisioned those danish with raisins in them rather than the savory dish. I've that dish in a French restaurant and enjoyed all the garlic and butter it comes served with it. The texture reminded me of ophihi.

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

A good foodie day--lunch looks delicious and the matcha anpan looks amazing!

K and S said...

It was the first time to have matcha bean paste and we liked it, Deb :)

Take care.

Rick said...

Isn't it great with such a reliable transportation system that you can plan and stagger your arrival times? If you attempt to do that back here in Honolulu, you never know how long it might take you even if it's just a couple mile drive.

K and S said...

The transportation system here is pretty perfect Rick :) Definitely have to appreciate that.

Take care.