Monday, May 11, 2009

spiced mixed nuts + herbed goat cheese dip

I recently tried the "herbed goat cheese dip" which was in "The Food You Crave", but since I didn't have the fresh herbs that Ellie uses in her recipe, I ad-libbed and added dried dill, onion powder, pepper and garlic powder instead.

It was great with raw red bell pepper, carrots, cucumber & steamed green beans. I want to make this again. It is a great way to eat a lot of veggies.

Another recipe I tried was for Ellie's "Spiced Mixed Nuts". It was so easy and so tasty. You are only allowed 1/3 cup as a serving, it is kind of hard to stop eating though...

To make them, I bought a package of unsalted mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts, mac nuts) and added some sunflower seeds.



Debinhawaii said...

I'll have to try her mixed nuts--they look and sound really good. With the spiced pecans I just made I have to have just a few and put them somewhere hard to get or I would sit and eat them all.

2kamuela47 said...

Yummy, I love goat cheese!

K and S said...

I hope you like them Deb, those spiced pecans you made sounded good too! I only have a little amount of pecans left, so I am trying to stretch them out :)

Take care.

Samurai said...

Nice blog and recipes :)

K and S said...

Thanks Laura, I hope you get a chance to try this :)

Thank you Samurai and thank you for stopping by :)

Take care you two.