Saturday, May 30, 2009


The other day, I went to Yamaya, and they were out of Wychwood beers (insert pouty face). I asked the cashier and she thought I said "wedgewood" and says, "they make beer?" Then asked the manager but no one knew...sigh.

So, yesterday, since my lesson cancelled last minute, I had free time on my hands. I went to Rokko to check out their Yamaya.

Of course before getting there, I checked out several bread shops.

Sometimes I think I could live on breads/pastries alone! especially when they are chewy, sometimes flaky, sometimes crispy, and paired with curry, sausage, cheese, chocolate...mmm.

So, I googled and found two that looked interesting.

Boulangerie Petit Blé is located near the Hankyu Rokko station. I didn't write anything down and tried to find it by memory...(I should have written down the directions)...I was going round and round longer than I should have been.

As I was just about to give up, I found it!

This bread shop was tiny, and had so many yummy things to choose from.

I picked up this fig and walnut bread 210 yen (about US$2.10), it is only the size of two fists, but will be perfect for our breakfast.

And I also picked up this chocolate croissant 180 yen (about US$1.80) for my 3 o'clock tea time. This was flaky, chocolatey goodness.

There was another bake shop I was looking for, but realized it was really far away, (plus it was really sunny and hot) so I gave up and found Yamaya instead.

The Yamaya in Rokko is HUGE! I think it is 2 times the size of the Minoo store. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Wychwood beers, but I did find some others (which I'll tell you about some other time).

On the way back to the Hankyu Rokko station, I stopped into another bread shop, Köln and picked up this pizza 180 yen (about US$1.80) and curry naan 110 yen (about US$1.10) for my dinner. (Satoshi had a business trip yesterday so he didn't need dinner, which is cool with me because this means I don't need to cook! and can just pick up something. I just added some vegetable sticks to these and dinner was served.)

The pizza was thin and crisp and l-o-n-g about 30 centimeters (about 11 inches)! The curry naan had curry baked inside the naan...this wasn't too spicy but still both were delicious.

It was a nice carbolicious Friday!

Boulangerie Petit Blé
1-2-3 Yamada-cho
Nada, Kobe
Phone: 078.858.8815
Open 8:00-18:00, closed Wednesdays and 2 Thursdays

2-3-15 Morigo-cho
Nada, Kobe
Phone: 078.841.3933


Kelly said...

Interesting! I really love reading your blog. :) I lived in Japan while I was in High School and I really miss it so it's nice to get a "taste"!

I've never heard of Wychwood beer (going to have to look that up) but it must be pretty good if you are looking high and low for some. My favorite beer: Celis White. I haven't had it in ages though, ever since the owner sold the company it doesn't seem to taste the same so I'm on the hunt for a new favorite. ^-^

K and S said...

Thanks Biologie! Wychwood is a UK brand but packs a great punch :) I hope you can find it where you are! I don't think I've seen Celis White here, will look on the internet to see what it looks like!

Take care.

2kamuela47 said...

That pizza looks ono! How you are able to find the Wychwood beer.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Yay to carbs! ;-) It all looks delicious. I'll keep my fingers crossed on you finding the beer.

K and S said...

Thanks Laura, no luck so far...

Thanks Deb, hope to find it soon :)

Take care you two.

Deb said...

chocolatine - c'est bon!!! i had a couple of those in Paris:) mmmm. a friend told me a french-owned patisserie in san diego (heading there before maui) and i am going to eat 2 or 3 or 4:)

that pizza looks so fresh - i can just imagine how yummy it was.

i too enjoy when BD is at a conference and we eat dinner alone. . .often i'll just have dessert ("mommy did you eat dinner? uh huuh . . .while you were busy playing." teehee).

K and S said...

mmm tres c'est bon (probably wrong grammar), Deb! hope the one is SD is c'est bon too :9

I should've eaten more dessert for dinner, next time :)

Take care and have fun in Maui!

Peggy said...

You always have such interesting foods in your blog. I love coming here to see what you have found and/or made to eat! The photos are great also! Thank you.

K and S said...

Aw thanks Peggy *blush*! That really made my day :)

Take care.

Mary and Sean said...

Do you have an oven and a pot with a lid? has a great and EASY recipe for no-knead bread made in a pot. (different variations too) It turns out just like the one in your first picture! From one carb lover to another, I recommend it!

K and S said...

Thanks Mary & Sean, my oven is so small....I have seen that recipe and wish my oven was bigger so I could try this. I also wish I had more pots, but unfortunately I don't have the space for them... Thanks for the thought though :)

Take care.