Wednesday, December 02, 2009

my new "toy"

I first read about making my own light box from Melanie's post. I was waiting for a box, with some height to recycle and just so happened to get one in the mail the other day.

I think I cut the borders a little too thin, and the box wasn't really too big to put a lot of things in it, but I think it makes taking pictures in natural light a little easier.

Photos: "warm" dish

Mikage Takasugi desserts...pumpkin mousse & mont blanc. The pumpkin mousse had chocolate cake on the bottom, whipped cream and an outer layer of pumpkin puree.

The mont blanc was filled with chestnuts and whipped cream, the bottom layer was a crust and an outer layer of chestnut puree.

La France pear. I am not sure why they are called La France, maybe they originally came from France? The texture is like bartlett and really sweet.

The cost? very little if anything...I'm recycling the box and taped on tracing paper on the outsides. I think if I find a little bigger box, I'll try again, until then, I'll keep using this one. How do these photos look?


jalna said...

Hey, good idea, and your photos came out great!

gtrine said...

This is such a great idea, Kat! I've been complaining about my little camera and it's equally little flash. I will keep my eye out for a box that I can convert. Have fun!

Rowena... said...

For being your first attempt, I think the photos look decidedly enhanced. You think you could do a before and after just for some test shots?

K and S said...

Will do Rowena, will have to be with other subjects though because we already ate the last three items :p

I try not to use my flash as much as possible. Hope it works for you too Gtrine!

Thanks Jalna :)

Take care everyone!

Debinhawaii said...

Great idea! I think your photos captured a lot of detail with the new lighting "toy"! ;-)

K and S said...

Thanks Debinhawaii :)

Take care.

KirkK said...

Hey Kat - That'll be a nice thing to add to your "bag of photo tricks"....

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk, I hope to use it often :)

Take care.

biologie said...

Hiya! I made a similar light box. I used it a few times because I was hoping it would make the jewelry I design and create "pop" but I didn't really get the results I was hoping for. :(

I have decided to take white poster board outside with me and photograph my jewelry laying on top of it because that's how I tend to get the best pictures with a nice, bright white background.

Only problem is when it's raining or windy - I have to resort to my lightbox and it does work in a pinch! I use a desklamp with a "natural light" light bulb to shine down into the box to help brighten things up.

Your photos have always looked great, with or without the lightbox, you do a wonderful job of photographing your subjects/items.

K and S said...

Thanks Biologie!

Take care.

Suze said...

Wow, great idea! Where did you hear about this? Your photos look good.

K and S said...

I think if you google making your own photo box/light box, you'll come up with some tutorials, Suze :)

Take care.