Wednesday, December 23, 2009

odds & ends

It is a holiday here and I'm cleaning out some photos...

Li hing powder added to sour watermelon and sour green apple candies...I like these, but like the addition to sour patch kids better.

A reader recommended this Lipton Apple 100 yen (about US$1) a container, it is a good deal, but it is too sweet for my liking.

Thanks for the tip though. I'd like to share with you the cute Christmas-y packaging.

KFC's grilled chicken sandwich. This has a Korean taste to it.

I like the spiciness of it.

Lawson's shake (sha-kay) harami musubi.

Harami is the belly. Salmon belly (a big chunk of it wrapped in the middle of this musubi. Delicious!

Remember the baum kuchen Satoshi received for attending a wedding? This is it. A moist cake coated with condensed milk on the outside...mmm!

Muji's chocolate covered marron baum kuchen...really moist and delicious! I bought this at Family Mart (a convenience store).

The cake is marron (chestnut) and is coated with a dark chocolate.

Food Should Taste Good's sweet potato tortilla chips...yum! I had this on my last trip home. I want to try the other flavors.

Pannetone from DonQ. This buttery bread is filled with raisins and candied citrus pieces. Kinda pricey though for just a slice.

Del Sole's mixed pizza. This is a great pizza I've found in the supermarket. The crust gets really crispy. And I love how they use pesto instead of tomato sauce.

I have also tried their crispy crust and put my own topping on them and am looking forward to trying their Napoli style crust.

Stollen from Abientot. My only problem with this was the granulated sugar used to coat the outside....while this place is one of my favorites, meh, I don't think I would buy their stollen again.

Michel Chaudun's, chocolatey with a hint of liquer...a delicious dessert.

Homemade bark using 60%, 72% chocolates, pistachios, some fleur de sel, almonds & cranberries...yum!

A cup of Tangse Rhino, my cousin sent us a bag of his homemade roasted coffee for Christmas....full bodied and delicious! with a hint of caramel. (Thank you!)

Mariage Frères' Earl Grey French Blue Tea...received from my blog friend PT Ford...delicious!

I love the flecks of blue cornflowers (I think they are cornflowers) in there!

Fresh's mangosteen about refreshing! I always pick up a couple of soaps while I am home, this was one of them.

What have you been enjoying?


Tamakikat said...

Hi ya.

Super post.

I love the photo collection-almost enough to make it my screen saver.

I'll be posting about my culinary experiences soon but for a teaser I'll say: full-on sandwiches, Shanghai cooking, super-tasting salmon, Christmas mince pies, salads, and savory muffins.

Mm mmmmmmmmmm!

Be well.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

So fun! What a great list of treats!

Happy Holidays, Kat!

K and S said...

Can't wait to see your posts TK!
Happy Holidays.

Thanks JennDZ, enjoy the holidays.

Take care you two.

Rowena... said...

Ok I'll try this again as my last comment got "lost". I'm always amazed at how many photos you need to clean out of your camera...but all I'll be thinking about tonight is the musubi! Salmon belly....mmmmmmhhhh....

Debinhawaii said...

Lots of yummy things you are enjoying. I want some of you chocolate bark--I have the stuff but didn't get around to making any. Aren't those sweet potato chips the best?! I like them and the "everything" chips the most so far from that brand-both are so good with hummus.

Hope you have wonderful holidays!

K and S said...

I amaze myself sometimes at how many photos I have to clean out too, Rowena! For 160 yen (about US$1.60), that musubi was really worth it.

Ooh, next time I'm home, I'm getting some of the "everything" chip to try with hummus, Debinhawaii :)

Take care you two.