Friday, December 18, 2009

a night of lights

Wednesday, Satoshi had the day off, but I had an early evening lesson.

Still, it was the perfect chance to check out the Midosuji Illuminations in Osaka.

After my lesson, we met down the street at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. It had been awhile since we had eaten here, but talk about expensive!

I had my first mojito 800 yen (about US$8), this drink was really refreshing, loved the lime.

Satoshi had the large serving of the Heineken on tap, two times...1960 yen (about US$19.60, I think we could've bought a case of something in Hawaii...)

We ordered the small nachos with guacamole 1450 yen (about US$14.50). This is Satoshi's favorite, whenever we eat at American fast food places especially like HRC, this is what he orders.

We also got their jumbo combo, a plate full of appetizers 3360 yen (about US$33.60). Potato skins, buffalo wings, honey mustard chicken fingers, onion rings & taquitos.

Overly priced but a great way to fill a junk food damage 8327 yen (about US$83.27...this is when you are glad that Japan does not do tipping!)

From the Hard Rock Cafe, we walked straight up Midosuji (a main thoroughfare) towards Umeda, taking in lots of lights.

I think this was the first year for this event. Since this is the business district, I think they appreciated the foot traffic.

Some gingko biloba trees still had their leaves which made them seem brighter with the illuminations.

It was a great way to walk off all that junk food and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Debinhawaii said...

Wowza! That is pretty spendy--but I guess if you factor in the cravings being fulfilled too it is worth it. The lights are so pretty--love the trees with the blue lights especially!

K and S said...

I know Debinhawaii. I guess we'll have to find a more reasonable place to get our junk food fix :0

Take care.

p.s. the blue lights were my fav too!

Rowena... said...

Whoa...$8 for a mojito sounds steep, but the Heineken...I am shocked!! Beautiful xmas lights and I hope it wasn't too cold out!

K and S said...

I know Rowena! I'm pretty sure we could've bought a case of something! The wind was kinda fahreezing but at least we kept moving :)

Take care.

Jann said...

Once in a while you need to splurge.....and taste a bit of thejunk food to remind you of why you eat the good stuff!

K and S said...

You are right Jann :)

Take care.

grace said...

well, the $8 mojito is about right but $14.50 for nachos and guac?! wow, i hope it was delicious!

i hope to see the Midosuji illuminations, do you happen to know how long they'll be around, Kat?

thanks, and happy holidays!


K and S said...

The Midosuji Illuminations run until the end of January, Grace, I hope you get to see them. The nachos were 1350 yen (plus 100 yen for guac)...they were good but not THAT good.

Take care.

Free Lighting said...

Japan is truly a home of beautiful lights. They always make people amazed by their beautiful lights designs.

K and S said...

Thanks Free Lighting.

Take care.