Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If you use them, how big is your deodorant?

You know how during the summer I grumble about the humidity here? Well, I think I may have also grumbled about how there are some people who smell on the trains.

Anyway...I usually stock up on deodorant for Satoshi and me whenever I go back to Hawaii, because it is cheaper and you get more for your money.

Though with the airline weight restrictions, I've been trying to "wean us" off, trying to find something here so that I won't have to take up space in my luggage.

But with what I've found here so far, it is a rip-off, 700 to 900 yen (about US$7-9) for a teeny container of the stuff (see the teeny pink container in the first photo??). Plus, when you reach the end, there is so much wasted because you can't get at the area in the swivel of the deodorant.

Until the prices or sizes get more reasonable, I guess I'll be buying more deodorant for us from Hawaii...

Oh and I have a gripe with this Soft & Dri, if you say it is supposed to keep you dry, then why does it come out of the container wet? (in the photo that is actually liquid near the bottom)

I guess I should have known something was fishy, the label says "dri-gel"...total oxymoron...


chimerastone said...

Don't forget about the restriction involving liquid items. 100ml max.
When I'm travelling I always bring more clothes than needed.

Did you know there an crystal when acts like a deodorant when wet. There one time I came across pump up spray container with salt crystal insides only water is need but can only be refilled 7 times.

Rowena... said...

Fortunately, deodorant here is just about or only a little bit more costly than back home. You guys sure get it tough on certain items....I thought about you when I found an extra block of butter (500 grams) in my fridge after I had already gone to the store to purchase a kilo. The cows must be super happy to be putting out more than we can use.

K and S said...

ooh yeah, forgot about the liquid restriction Chimerastone. Hmm I wonder if 7 times would be a month or longer? If longer, then it may be worth looking into.

True, Rowena, I think the price of butter now is about 400 yen (about US$4) for 200 grams here. Jealous you are buying it by the kilo.

Take care you two.

biologie said...

Hah! I bought a sample of that soft and dri for travel and ended up hanging out in the bathroom with my arms held up in the air for 5 minutes waiting for it to actually "dry" before I could put any clothes on...ridiculous!

K and S said...

Sorry Biologie, I giggled a little while reading your comment. Wasn't it just awful? I'm surprised I used as much as I did, I did throw it out after taking the photo. Don't people test these things before putting them out for consumers to buy?

Take care.

Phil said...

Haha this is funny. I was ranting to my friend today about deodorant here in Japan. There is such a limited range and yes it is so expensive!

K and S said...

like I said, Phil, I usually stock up for us whenever I go back to Hawaii, the deodorant in Japan is ridiculously small and expensive!

Take care.