Monday, February 22, 2010

beer, beer, beer

It is still a bit nippy but we have been trying some beers.

At first, I thought the Mexican Negra Modelo would be quite watery because it had no foamy head to it, and it looked like cola, although this one had kick, it had a bit too much bubbles for me...5.3% alcohol.

Brooklyn Lager is a bit fruity but really full bodied. I liked this one...5.2% alcohol.

Royce, a famous Japan sweets maker in Hokkaido, teamed up with Sapporo Beer and produced this Chocolat Brewery...5% alcohol. I think this beer actually came out last year but it was only offered online at the time.

I found this one at Carrefour awhile back and bought one for us to try...the aroma turned me off, fake chocolate aroma, like some of those scratch and sniff was a good beer, but because the aroma turned us off, we decided it wasn't worth buying again.

On Valentine's Day, we tried the Imperial Stout by Minoh Brewery....8.5% alcohol.

I liked this, it was full bodied with some bite to it, smokey and hints of chocolate.

I loved the label too. I guess I'm a little biased because this brewery is in our neighborhood. Did you know that this brewery is run by three sisters and they make, bottle and label each beer by hand. I hope they never change what they are doing.

Have you tried any interesting beers lately?


KirkK said...

Hey Kat - I recently had a birthday, and a good friend of mine brought me a cezanne which was delicious. We had a small party, and the restaurant allowed us to bring our own beer..... so I went and bought a good variety. Of course, everyone loved Hitochino.... but the Missus to my amazement enjoys Red Stripe.... and She hates beer!

K and S said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kirk :) I've never heard of the Cezanne or Hitochino, but they sound delicious! (will google around) I am amazed at the Missus too :0

Take care.

Admin said...

What a coincidence... I am drinking chocolate milk and they kinda look like the chocolate beer, minus the bubbles.

Pomai said...

Wow, that Imperial Stout has 8.5% alcohol? Potent stuff! I believe that's higher than the Guiness Stout bottles sold in the US.

Haven't tried anything new lately. Gotta' head on over to Kona Brew in Hawaii Kai. I heard they got some new stuff. I love Kona Brew's Castaway IPA (India Pale Ale).

K and S said...

that must be very dark chocolate milk Mikuru :)

I think you may be right about the percentage, Pomai. Hope you get to try some new stuff soon.

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

That is so great that they hand make and bottle the Imperial stout and hand make their own labels too--very fun! ;-)

Rowena said...

That was a cool tidbit of info on the Imperial Stout...labeling by hand? Way to go!

Our latest "splurge" was a 6-pack of Duff! It was €xpensiv€, but I want to plan a meal a la Homer Simpson before I drink this, and it won't be just donuts!

K and S said...

Thanks Rowena :) Can't wait to see your Homer Simpson meal!

Take care.

K and S said...

keeping it grass roots will be hard I think Debinhawaii, but I hope they do.

Take care.

Barbara said...

Kat I like the Japanese beer Asahi.

K and S said...

They really make some good beers Barbara :)

Take care.