Saturday, February 13, 2010

toscana violet

I recently saw these at the market...Toscana Violets, are grown in Kumamoto (Kyushu)...they are cherry tomatoes...198 yen (about US$1.98 for 7)

On the label, they say they are supposed to resemble the feel of grapes in your mouth.

They are a deep purply-brown.

The juice that comes out from it was a little brownish.

The seeds kinda tiny.

So, how did they taste? Hmm, nothing to make me go back out and get more, they tasted like cherry tomatoes, not sweet nor sour, maybe a little tart, but it was great to try.

By the way, I took some of those tiny seeds and hopefully we'll have our own Toscana Violets to harvest.


Unknown said...

Interesting...never thought there were so many different types of tomatoes!

jalna said...

Interesting! Never heard of those tomatoes before.

Deb in Hawaii said...

The color is similar to one they have at North Shore Farms at the KCC farmer's market--I wonder if they are the same variety?

K and S said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they are Debinhawaii :)

Jalna & Laura, Amazing all the different types yeah? even potatoes have different types here.

Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

i like cherry tomatoes.


KirkK said...

Interesting color Kat..... though almost 2 bucks for 7 cherry tomatoes... I'm not onboard with that!

K and S said...

I do too Paz :)

I know, really pricey Kirk, but I just couldn't pass up not trying it.

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

Yay tomatoes! I was going to start some seeds today but according to the weather guy, there's more snow and cloudy skies coming up :(

K and S said...

boo! we just had a teeny earthquake...scary, while I was eating breakfast Rowena. Hope you can get to planting soon :)

Take care.