Friday, February 05, 2010

la maison du chocolat

It is February, which means that there are many temptations out there...namely chocolates (and macaron).

I picked up these macaron by La Maison du Chocolat after French class on Tuesday....1572 yen (about US$15.72) for 6.

Salvador (pink)--a dark chocolate ganache flavored with raspberry.

Romeo (light brown)--a milk chocolate ganache flavored with Kenyan Arabica coffee.

Rigoletto (yellowish brown)--a salted caramel and milk chocolate ganache. This one was my favorite because it actually had gooey caramel in it.

Quito (dark brown)--dark chocolate ganache.

Guayaquil (white)--a vanilla shell filled with vanilla flavored dark chocolate ganache.

These macaron were more moist than what I've tried in the past, almost gooey. I think I would have preferred something a bit drier, but I liked that the chocolate ratio that they used in the filling was more than the cream, so it was like a piece of chocolate was in there.

One suggestion would be that they have these "macaron maps" for next year. I asked the counter staff and she let me take a photo of it (actually a no-no in department stores). And I was happy that I was able to find more info on their website.

Have a good weekend!


Hannah said...

I've never had macarons yet - but I intend to make up for that when I get to Paris in March! I would definitely be after the salted caramel one in your haul - salted caramel is entirely awesome, and it looks so good in your photo!

Unknown said...

I've never had a macaron, they were the big thing this past year. I'd better get with the times! They all look yummy to me, but maybe the first one looks best. ^^

K and S said...

ooh I'm totally jealous Hannah, I hope you get to try all sorts of goodies :)

I hope you get to try some too Sarah.

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Hi Kat - "Chocolate ganache flavored with raspberry" sounds delish! Very nice that they let you take a photo too.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk :) I'm glad they let me take that photo too :)

Take care.

jalna said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who hasn't had a macaron. Do you know if they sell it here in Hawaii?

K and S said...

Jalna, you can get them at Pacific Tea Palace on the 3rd floor of Ala Moana SC.

Hope you like them. Take care.

jalna said...

Thanks Kat! I'll go check it out next time I'm at the mall.

K and S said...

hope you like them Jalna :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love that filling ratio and the salted caramel one has me drooling! ;-)

Kim said...

These macaron posts just make me sad. I don't have easy buying access. It's all mail order and they usually come crushed. I have to eat them with a spoon. *cry

Rowena said...

Nice that you got to take a photo of the map. I can't take photos in department stores either, not even the supermarkets. Comment ├ža va le cours de francais? (dunno if this is right...correct me!)

K and S said...

more chocolate than cream is always good Debinhawaii :)

ooh crushed macs, not good Pocky, I heard Starbucks US brought some in from France, were you able to get some of those?

Are you trying to ask me about my French class Rowena? (I cheated and translated it on babel fish).

Take care everyone!

Deb said...

i STILL have yet to try a macaron. . .these are making me droool!! i think the caramel would be my fave too.

K and S said...

Deb, definitely go to Laduree on your trip to Paris! (and Pierre Herme too), both have the best!

Take care.

Parisbreakfasts said...

The Rigoletto is my favorite too
It's mostly caramel and I'm not so happ since they changed all the fillings to chocolate ganache based.
But they say these sell better than the plain classic flavors.

K and S said...

Triste indeed PB :(

Take care.