Monday, January 30, 2012


funny Saw this sign at the movies the other day..."Smoking Room, for adult smokers only", um, is there also one for children somewhere?!

I can't believe Japan wastes space to accommodate smokers. (I don't smoke so I am not empathetic.)

curry flavored popcorn...yum #food Good thing that I found at the movies, curry flavored popcorn.

Bad thing, they told me "once you enter the theatre, you aren't allowed to shake the box (it comes in)"!

The curry flavored popcorn was good though, nice and spicy.

We had flurries on Saturday which lasted all of 10 was your weekend?


Dayna said...

Wow was the curry powder just sprinkled on? I had curry popcorn at Tokyo Disney Sea about 1.5yrs ago and it was pretty good. What movie did you guys see?

Abigail (aka Mamatouille) said...

One of our sons spent a night at the children's hospital recently, and they had a portable building for smokers to smoke in near the parking lot. Bad thing: ALL the smokers were standing OUTSIDE of the smoking building, IN THE RAIN, right by the cars, so we had to walk through the cloud of smoke to get to our car. So insensitive and inconsiderate, and dangerous, too, for kids with breathing issues. There were pictures all around that area of kids with breathing tubes in, saying "our lungs are sensitive, please don't smoke here." And of course all the smokers were standing right by those signs, completely ignoring them. Some of them even had their kids right near them! My parents are both respiratory therapists so this especially irritates me.

jalna said...

No Shaking of Boxes Allowed. . . funny. I remember a long time ago, my girlfriend said that a woman who was sitting next to her young son in a theater asked him to stop eating his mochi crunch . . . the smell offended her.

KirkK said...

Yikes, the thought of a pediatric smokng room.... That reminds me of the smoking areas in airports.

Sarah said...

I hated the smoking rooms and carriages in Japan. In Australia (well, Melbourne anyway), smoking is banned pretty much anywhere that's undercover. My friend and I couldn't get a seat in the non-smoking carriage on a train, so we tried the smoking one. I lasted about 5 minutes before my eyes were burning and I couldn't breath. I hate that smokers are catered for so much in Japan, it's really foul

K and S said...

yes it looked like it was sprinkled on, Dayna, we saw "kirin no tsubasa".

oh that is awful Abigail! I've seen a lot of people outside of the smoking rooms here too, but at the hospital that is just rude!

I think that may be why they don't allow us to eat during the movie Jalna :(

I'm glad they've banned it on planes Kirk!

Yes, I've ridden in the train cars that were smoking in Japan because all the non-smoking seats were filled Sarah, it was awful!

Take care everyone!

Japan Australia said...

Curry flavoured popcorn is really good and have had it at a few places around Japan. I love the different flavours they have at Tokyo Disneyland and UFJ in Osaka :)

Japan Australia

Deb in Hawaii said...

I like the sound of that curry popcorn. ;-)

K and S said...

haven't been to TDL or USJ in awhile J-A!

hope to make some at home Deb :)

Take care you two.

Rowena... said...

Please tell me that you couldn't shake the box because they don't want curry powder flying all over the place in the theatre. If it was for the noise, how do they deal with those who like to slurp the last few drops from their soda cup?

We got about 4 inches of snow but without the holidays around, the magic was kinda lost. I do NOT like the zero temps that came with it!

K and S said...

it is because of the noise, Rowena, actually you're not allowed to eat during the movie :p so no slurping whatsoever.
glad you got snow, we got freezing temps but nothing to show for it.
Take care.

K said...

Oh yumm curry popcorn sounds delicious!

K and S said...

pretty sure re-creating it at home will be easy K :)

Take care.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Curry flavor! That must be so good. It's Japanese curry flavor? Or more like snack curry flavor..huh.

LOL. You are funny about the smokers. I hope eventually it'll be no smoking EVERYWHERE. I was in a lunch noodle shop under Shin-Osaka station (before taking shinkansen). The restaurant was smoking ok (I think maybe all of the stores under the station can be smoking ok?). I nearly died from inhaling while I had to eat quickly to catch a train. I started to cough but they don't of course care... I hated that experience. Maybe my lungs became Americanized and smoking started to bother. Lol.

K and S said...

regular curry, not japanese Nami :) most places these days have no smoking during weekends, I don't know why they can't go all non-smoking.

Take care.

myra said...

We stayed at a hotel at Tokyo Disneyland once that had such a bad smoke problem I could literally feel it in the air. Ever since they passed all the no smoking laws here you kind of forget what it's like to be exposed to smokers.

Curry popcorn sounds so good! I will have to try and add some the next time we make popcorn.

K and S said...

oh I enjoy going to Hawai Myra, the air is so much cleaner compared to here.

Take care.