Thursday, January 05, 2012

this and that

tamatoro Had some photos that weren't blogged about...

Remember I wrote about tamatoro? Well, we recently tried the ebi katsu (shrimp cutlet) version...for some reason this one smelled really "eggy", I think I like the menchikatsu (hamburger cutlet) version better.

jouvencelle For Christmas, we received this matcha (green tea) kougelhopf from my host-sister. (Thank you!) It is made by Jouvencelle, the same place that I tried their matcha fondue.

The cake is a marble of white and green tea with sweetened black beans here and there.

On the outside it is drizzled with green tea chocolate, delicious!

chijimi I recently came across this chijimi spinach at the market, it was priced higher than regular spinach and it was the first time I'd seen it.

It boasts more minerals, it was definitely darker than the usual spinach I see in the markets.

The package also said that it is only a winter item.

The leaves were kinda "curly" so it was hard to clean. I prepared them kinpira style.

It was nice to try but I don't think it was worth paying the extra money for it.

100club I came across this cafe sign awhile back, "no charge, no tax, no future"...kinda funny, kinda negative...hopefully they'll be able to stay in business...

carchelo We had this Bodegas Carchelo from Spain with some wagyu and miso dip (the first meal out of my kitchen for 2012).

I liked the deep purple color, it was easy to drink and went nicely with the steak which was marbled nicely with fat.

espino This Chilean Espino Chardonnay was delicious too, a little on the dry side but fruity. We had this with Grilled Thai Beef Salad.

howmuch I saw this huge garnet pendant while walking with Satoshi before we played, "how much?"

FYI: 3,990,000 yen (about US$51,000)

mascot I've written before that I like Mascot's curry paste here.

They also have an instant version with garbanzo beans that I like too.

Let me catch you up on the first couple of days of the new year...

On New Years Day, we visited MIL, after hatsumode. She is doing fine but cannot sit on the floor. She also doesn't cook much so, I picked up many items for O-sechi for our lunch. (I've written about hatsumode and O-sechi before here).

And Satoshi, has been doing danshari from before the New Year and even during the first days of the New Year...we have a saying that what you do in the first days of the New Year is what you'll be doing for the rest of the year, guess he'll be decluttering in 2012.

Oh, and you want to hear something funny? Satoshi who refused to wear thermals because "only old men wear them" wore them under his business suit yesterday...ha!

We had flurries yesterday...woot!

What have you been doing/enjoying during the first week of 2012?


Ultra Kawaii Nana ♥ said...

WOW! the pendant is really pretty! *q*
Ah, I´m jealos! I wanna have this sweets too! :D

genkitummy said...

My mom used to tell us that saying about the first day of the New Year too. I remember being clumsy and dropping something one year and so she told me I was going to be clumsy for the whole year! :P

jalna said...

Funny about Satoshi :)

Lizzy Do said... wonder that necklace is so stunning! And I need to start denshari, too!

Ana_ILTdP said...

I love the matcha kougelhopf! In fact, I love matcha everywhere ;) I'm amazed thinking in a matcha fondue :D That must be great.

And the sandwich looks very nice too! With eggy, you mean raw egg smell?

I've been cooking and resting a little bit these first days of 2012 :) Nothing much, but I'm happy like this right now! Happy new year!

K and S said...

I hope you get a chance to have these sweets, UKNana :)

must be a Japanese American thing, Genki :)

Jalna, he is funny, yeah?!

Hope you start your danshari this year Lizzy :)

Hola Ana, eggy as in raw smelling :p

Take care everyone!

K said...

Lots going on for you already! The matcha cake looks delicious!

K and S said...

Thanks K :)

Take care.

Japan Australia said...

The Mascot's curry paste looks really good and would love to give it a try :)

Japan Australia

KirkK said...

Hmmm that is funny about's inevitable though! Tthe sandwiches look lovely, even though you didn't care for it.

K and S said...

hope you get a chance to try it J-A!

Satoshi liked the sandwiches Kirk :)

Take care you two.

Deb in Hawaii said...

I love the label on that Bodegas Carchelo. Hope you are staying warm.

K and S said...

did you know that is how I choose wine, Deb?! :)

Take care.

Rowena... said...

That green tea kougelhopf...gnaaaaaaam! I guess we'll be bonafide couch potatoes for the rest of the year. I honestly didn't think I'd enjoy watching tv that much (never liked to before) but since we both agreed that we were going blind, decided to fork over the cash for a 42" flat screen. I have to admit that I'm ashamed of myself.

K and S said...

whoa?! 42" that is big Rowena, though Satoshi is eyeing a 50-something inch...don't think THAT would fit in our apartment...

Take care.

Rowena... said...

That is funny that you mention the 50"...when we were checking out the large screens all I remember thinking is that I didn't want a superduper huge one. That would be like admitting that I am REALLY blind!

K and S said...

I think if we got a tv that big Rowena, we'd have to watch it from outside our apartment :p

Take care.