Wednesday, January 04, 2012

kaga onsen-osaka

kagaonsen (64) On the last day of 2011, we awoke to a beautiful sunny day.

Apparently it had snowed the night before, so there were many slick spots on the sidewalk.

There were several shrines that Satoshi was interested in visiting, so we gingerly made our way.

Along the way, we stopped in for coffee and some sweets at Premiere.

Their popular item is called a Yamashi-roll, a rolled cake made with rice flour and edible charcoal (the texture was a bit gritty), a black sesame cream and some adzuki beans.

The service was spotty (they served us the coffee but forgot our cakes) so the owner added a small cream puff as a peace-offering...everything was delicious...600 yen each for cake and coffee.

Then the hotel shuttle took us back to the station and we ended up waiting several hours for our train back to Osaka.

kagaonsen (77) While we waited, we bought some items for our lunch on the train.

kagaonsen (78) Satoshi bought a grilled saba(mackerel) sushi while I chose these sasazushi (rice and fish pressed together then wrapped in a sasa leaf (young bamboo leaf)).

mosaickaga I thought this was funny....the ladies of Kaga have a campaign to promote their businesses around Kaga, when I saw their posters, I thought of this lady...Lady Gaga.

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure. If you'd like to see more photos, please check out my Ishikawa set on Flickr (the ones labeled "kaga onsen" and "kanazawa"). Despite some low points, we had a nice time and enjoyed seeing snow.

2-8 Yamashiro Onsen Kikyogaoka
Kaga, Ishikawa
Phone: 0761.77.2511

p.s. it's back to the grindstone for Satoshi today...hope your 1st week of 2012 is going well.


Pille said...

Happy new year, K & S :)

K said...

Lady Kaga- love it, haha!

Rowena... said...

Sorry to hear that vacation is over for Satoshi. We've been in slo-mo since the 31st and total couch potatoes from watching marathon tv. And still no snow!

KirkK said...

That's funny Kat...though I do prefer Lady Kaga to Lady Gaga for some reason.....

obachan said...

Oh, Lady Kaga! I love their campaign video on Youtube. :D

K and S said...

Thanks Pille :) Happy 2012!

K, funny right?!

Rowena, Satoshi has been in cleaning mode ever since last year, I was hoping this would trigger some snow in our area but nada!

I thought you might Kirk :)

It is a nice video Obachan!

Take care everyone!

Japan Australia said...

Lady Kaga! That is so cool. Glad you had a good time :)

Japan Australia

Kathy YL Chan said...

I tried a similar edible charcoal roll in Hong Kong, but haven't seen anything like that in the states. The sasazushi is so pretty!

jalna said...

Edible charcoal? How interesting!

K and S said...

edible charcoal must be an Asian ingredient Kathy :)

kind of gritty Jalna :0

Take care you two.

K and S said...

Thanks J-A!

Take care.

Lizzy Do said...

Oh, I think your cake was worth the wait! LOL at Lady Kaga :)

K and S said...

it was definitely worth the wait Lizzy :)

Take care.

Deb in Hawaii said...

Love the Lady Kaga poster--too funny!

K and S said...

glad you enjoyed it Deb :)

Take care.