Saturday, June 21, 2014


The other day, I went walking and saw a television crew in our area.

I wondered what all the commotion was about, but didn't ask them.

Then I took a detour through Suigetsu Park.

Everyone was sitting around enjoying the hanashobu (iris).

It was there that I saw warnings about araiguma (raccoon) sightings in the area.

Apparently someone got bitten by a wild raccoon over the weekend...

When I told Satoshi about it, he laughed it off...and said "but they are supposed to be cute right?!"....

Um, not if they jump out and bite you on the leg...sigh.

Anyway, lots of wild animal sightings in many areas of Japan over the past week.

The scariest sightings were the wild boars in safe everyone!


KirkK said...

Wild boar?!? Wow....saw some coyotes on one of our streets the other day....but haven't seen wild boar since hiking days in Hawaii.

Rowena said...

Had no idea raccoons are in Japan. Wish we had them here (but not that kind that bites!).

K said...

Be careful!

K and S said...

whoa coyotes, scary Kirk!

apparently there are all sorts of wild animals here, Rowena"

will do K!

Take care everyone!