Saturday, June 07, 2014

rainy season

The other day, our area started rainy season.

We were actually lucky because on the same day, the people in Shikoku also started their rainy season and got slammed with buckets and buckets of rain (like a month's worth of rain?!).

According to the weather dudes, the average rainy season is supposed to last 40 days.

But, apparently this year is El Niño so the weather people are forecasting the rainy season to be prolonged. You know what that means?

More frequent typhoons and the rainy season extending all the way until the beginning of August.

The photo above is of the skies the other day. Weird looking, yeah?!

I think this summer will be interesting...stay safe everyone!


Kozue said...

Rainy season came to Tokyo as well. I got a fever today because of the sudden change of the weather and the humidity. Take care! (You know, I am fine enough to turn on my laptop, read your blog and leave a comment. Not so serious!)

K and S said...

oh my Kozue, please take care!


KirkK said...

We could use some rain here's been a very dry year!

Rowena said...

I didn't know about El Nino this year, and if that applies all over world, that means we should get some serious hail this season.

K and S said...

hope you guys get some rain Kirk!

Take care!

K and S said...

hope you guys won't get that hail Rowena, though I just saw on the news that France did...

Take care!