Thursday, June 19, 2014

eat this

I saw this done on an episode of "Avec Eric" and have been wanting to try it.

He made a batch of ratatouille and then he added an egg to it and threw it under the broiler.

We had this for breakfast yesterday.

It was rainy and a bit dreary, so this was nice comfort food.

I should've toasted the bread "sticks"...this was still a fun way to eat ratatouille.


jalna said...

So pretty.

K and S said...

thanks Jalna :)

Take care!

Rowena said...

How is it that any time you add an egg to something, it tastes so good? :_)

K and S said...

so true Rowena :)

Take care!

K said...

Looks great!

Marie said...

So French!! Eric Ripert is the best!

KirkK said...

Just about everything tastes better with an egg on it!

K and S said...

love his accent, Marie :)

and or bacon, Kirk :)

Take care you two!