Thursday, June 26, 2014

coke x world cup

Coke is a sponser of the World Cup, which is happening now in Brazil.

To promote this event, they have many bottles with "names" on them circulating in Japan.

There are family names as well as first names. They ask you to "look for your name" when buying a Coke.

Well, since they only have Japanese names, they didn't have "Kat".

I tried looking for Satoshi's name but couldn't find it.

You can also go to their shop in Osaka and "make" your own labels with your name on it. I think you need to show ID to prove that that is your name, though...

Anyway, I'm not paying too much attention to the World Cup, are you?

Is the country you are living in participating in the World Cup?


Anonymous said...

Italy has its tail between the legs right now... We just about fell asleep (and it was early evening) watching them lose to Uruguay!

K said...

Finally, I'd have a chance to find something personalized with my name! haha. Too bad that's not the case in the US.

K and S said...

Rowena, I forgot what team it was but there was a player biting his opponents...oy!

lol so true K!

Take care you two!

Rowena said...

It was Uruguay, and MotH said that when he was talking about it with his colleagues, they told him that that guy had done it before in other games! It's like, instead of hitting he prefers to bite the opponents. Hannibal....

K and S said...

amazing he hasn't lost any teeth yet, Rowena...geez!

Take care.