Sunday, June 08, 2014

keeping cool

Way back, I wrote about keeping cool using glass

Well, I took out our Ryukyu glasses for summer (Ryukyu is another name for Okinawa) does look "cooling" doesn't it.

During summer I look forward to all the "hiyashi" & "rei" (cold) this reimen at Chaina...750 yen.

I like this version with a little kim chee...spicy and cool...

I learned something new, eat more chilis to boost your spirits during the rainy season...

Summer is here!


Dennis K. said...

Nice Kat! The crazy heat hasn't hit here yet but will eventually.

KirkK said...

I love the bit on the chilies Kat......I should really be happy; I eat them all the time! ;o)

Rowena said...

We're just starting to feel the hot of summer, so I think more beers posts are in order!

K said...

Mmm, those noodles look delicious!

K and S said...

lucky you Dennis :)

lol Kirk, you do eat a lot of them :)

yeah, Rowena :)

indeed K!

Take care everyone!