Thursday, November 12, 2015

(not) rolled cabbage

We've talked about rolled or stuffed cabbage

Well, I saw a "not" rolled cabbage on a commercial and have been waiting for nippy temps to try it.

It also helps that my MIL gave us a nabe (nah-bay, clay pot), so I have something big enough to cook it in.

Take half a cabbage and hollow it out. Rinse as best as you can.

With the cabbage that you took out from the center, cut into bite sized pieces.

I added some barley (a couple of tablespoons), washed and uncooked.

Mix about 200 grams of ground beef with some minced onion, and pepper, then stuff it into the cavity.

Place the "stuffed" cabbage onto the cabbage bits and raw barley and add 4 cups of water and 2 consomme cubes.

Cover and bring to a boil (about 5 minutes) then turn the heat down to a simmer.

Cook for about 25 minutes.

Slice into 4 pieces (as photo shows above).

Serve with the soup, barley and bits of cabbage.

NOTES: this is definitely "stuffed" cabbage.

This was so easy to put together and took very little time to cook. I would recommend trying to get hamburger all the way to the edges of the cabbage so that when you cut it into 4, the end pieces will have some hamburger also.

If you don't have a clay pot, don't worry, just use something big enough to fit the whole half cabbage to cook it.

Also, you can use chicken stock in place of the consomme cubes.

I'm making this again.


Tamakikat said...

I made this last night after seeing it on your IG page. It was really good. :)

Rowena said...

this just reminded me of that salmon-stuffed cabbage in Les saveurs du Palais -- thank you for the reminder, I had forgotten all about it, and this looks delish!

K and S said...

glad you liked this TK!

ooh that sounds interesting Rowena :) hope to see it up on your blog!

Take care you two.

K said...

Looks nice and filling!

K and S said...

really easy too, K!

Take care.