Monday, October 02, 2017

fizzy cold brew coffee

Before it gets too cold here for cold beverages, I thought I should post this.

Since I made carbonated cold brew tea, I thought that I could do it with coffee too.

When I put the instant coffee into the 500 milliliter carbonated water bottle, it started to foam...I should've foreseen what would've happened....

In the past when I had the espresso tonic at Micro Lady Coffee Stand, the barista had told me not to stir the drink too much as it will foam up.

Even the espresso soda from City Bakery had a bit of foam on top too.

So when I opened the carbonated water the next day, I literally saw the bottle erupt...spraying the kitchen backsplash (guess that is why they are called that, yeah?!), leaving me with only a half a bottle of carbonated cold brew coffee.

Still I am glad I tried this, even if I had a lot to clean up afterwards.

If you want to try this, you should dissolve your instant coffee with a little water or use a coffee concentrate in a cup, then add some carbonated water to your drink.

Just be careful, it still really foams up this way too.

I still want to experiment with coffee grains and see what happens, though I may have to wait until next Spring?!

Anyway, did you know that bottled carbonated drinks here have these grooves at the top of their plastic bottles?

I hadn't really paid much attention to it, but recently they had talked about these bottles on tv.

Apparently the grooves help the air escape when you open the drink so that it doesn't go spewing out...I guess they weren't expecting me to make cold brew coffee in their bottle...ha!

Do the carbonated drink bottles where you live have these grooves?


Rowena said...

honestly, I've never noticed any, but it makes sense to have those grooves.

K and S said...

Rowena, interesting yeah?!

Take care.