Thursday, October 05, 2017


Came across a new type of sweet potato at Crazy Pantry called Kurisatsu.

In Japanese, "kuri" is chestnut and "satsu" is short for satsuma imo (sweet potato).

Apparently the aroma is supposed to resemble chestnuts while the texture is like sweet potato.

I cooked some with some rice, shoyu (soy sauce), mirin (sweet rice wine) and sake (rice wine).

It could've used more salt but this tasted just like kuri gohan. (chestnut rice).

I hope Maeshika still has some purple sweet potato next week, I want to make sweet potato salad...


Rowena said...

it's really amazing to discover all these different varieties of sweet potatoes. I've seen purple sweet (not sure if they're like the ones in Hawaii) available from specialty grocers, but the price is outrageeous since they're being flown in from the states - 7€/kilo

Anonymous said...

kuri, kaki, grapes and satsuma imo. Why I love Japan in October!

K and S said...

yikes that is quite expensive Rowena! hope you can get your hands on something more reasonable & maybe local!

yeah V, I like foods in Autumn too!

Take care you two!

KirkK said...

Looks good Kat! All the good produce you're getting recently has made me jealous.

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk!

Take care!