Sunday, October 22, 2017

kyoraku tsujigahana

V introduced me to a monaka chazuke by Kyoraku Tsujigahana.

We've tried something similar before from Kanazawa.

Monaka are wafers, you usually see them filled with sweet bean or ice cream. This particular version is filled with freeze dried veggies and instant soup.

The left package has 2 servings and comes with no monaka (wafer) while the tiny one on the right is an individual serving with the monaka (wafer).

The individual one with the monaka.

Underneath the monaka is a little packet of fish or tsukemono (pickles) depending on which one you buy.

I didn't read the directions, but before you put the wafer onto your rice, you should break it up, so the hot tea will melt the wafer and dissolve the soup nicely.

The type that comes without the wafer has four packets. Two with all the dry ingredients like soup and veggies and two with wet ingredients like fish or pickles.

Either version suggests you pour hot water or tea over.

They aren't found in all department stores here.

In fact, in the Kansai area, they can be found in Kyoto at their shop near Kawaramachi and in Kobe at Daimaru Kobe.

Thanks V for introducing us to this!

Kyoraku Tsujigahana
53-1 Daikoku-cho
Nakagyo, Kyoto
Phone: 075.253.0178
Hours: 10:30-18:00
Closed Wednesdays


Unknown said...

No, thank YOU for finding the shop! I think this was the one thing I had most hoped to find and was so disappointed when all the dept stores I checked didn't have them. And best of all it was close to Honke Owariya, the 550 year old soba shop!

jalna said...

V is so awesome.

K and S said...

glad you were able to find the soba shop, V!

she is Jalna :) you are too!

Take care you two.

KirkK said...

Looks nice Kat!

K and S said...

perfect for chilly mornings Kirk!

Take care.

Rowena said...

those would gussy up a menu on an outdoor camping trip ^-^

K and S said...

definite glamping with these Rowena!

Take care.