Friday, October 20, 2017


In Japan, there are parking elevators where they don't have enough space to put parking structures.

The neat thing about this is that you don't have to be good at parking your car.

The elevator usually has a turntable to spin your car around in the direction you need to be in to get out.

You just drive onto the turntable, it spins your car around and then you drive it onto the lift.

Then when you want to exit, I assume you give them a number or ticket and they bring the lift down with your car on it.

You back it out off the lift and it spins you again into the direction you need to exit.

While I was sitting at Kiln Coffee Shop, there was such a parking elevator scarily right next to the shop.

In this case, they had a curtain there for both the driver's privacy as well as those sitting in the shop.

Do you have parking elevators where you live? Are they similar to the ones in Japan?

p.s. if you want to see a short video, please click on the photo.

Have a nice weekend!


jalna said...

I like the "you don't have to be good at parking your car" part.

K and S said...

some of the parking areas are really tight here Jalna...

Take care!

Rowena said...

I saw those elevators on a documentary some time ago - neat and efficient! in italy, they just park wherever get space.

K and S said...

Some areas around here too Rowena, they just park wherever, not even close to the curb!

Take care.