Friday, November 17, 2017

ikeda castle ruins park

Untitled This morning was 4C (39F)...brr!

On my way to the market, I went to check out the Ikeda Castle Ruins Park.

Untitled There weren't too many trees that had changed colors.

Untitled But, I'm glad the ones that had were my height, so I could get close enough to get some shots.


Untitled There were quite a bit of fallen leaves too.


Untitled They also had kiku (chrysanthemum) on display too.

Rain in the forecast for tomorrow, hope you have a nice weekend.


Rowena said...

it's been in the 4° too in the morning, but by 10am, the temps are up in the 8°'s and goes up to 16°-18° by late afternoon. this morning I'm burning a ton of leaves in the woodstove - there's just too much!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I think my next travel plan will be to spend Thanksgiving in Japan. Probably too late for autumn colors, unless I go south. Gotta research!
First time I saw autumn colors was on a tour with my mother to Nikko, Sendai and Akita, just before the disasters. Lake Towada was so beautiful.

KirkK said...

More lovely photos Kat!

K and S said...

I don't think we've gone past 10C, Rowena...brr!

Thanks V, hope you get a chance to experience Autumn again.

thanks Kirk :)

Take care everyone.