Wednesday, November 29, 2017

kyosaimi nomura

Untitled Kyosaimi Nomura is a shop I stumbled upon while surfing Tabelog (kind of like Yelp but mainly for restaurants).

The company specializes in pre-made foods that are sold online as well a used at various restaurants.

Satoshi and I both tried the Miyabi Gozen...1080 yen (tax included).

12 different items all presented in tiny glass bowls/cups on a wooden tray.

Untitled A huge yuba (bean curd skin) donburi (rice topped with yuba and a thick sauce) and a bowl of miso soup also comes with the meal.

Untitled I really liked all the items and the tiny bowls/cups were nice to look at too.

I think the next time we come to Kyoto early in the morning, we might try their breakfast...we'll be back.

Kyosaimi Nomura
224 Hashibenzen-cho
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 050.5589.7541
Hours: 7:00-20:00


Rowena said...

very pretty and unique presentation with those cute bowls.

Anonymous said...

oh, I have to save this so I can look for it when I go back to Kyoto (someday soon I hope!). I am so intrigued by the yubadon.
So, yes, please go back to try the breakfast too!

jalna said...

So pretty the little glass bowls.

K and S said...

it really was pretty and delicious, Rowena!

I hope you can go check it out V!

it really was Jalna :)

Take care everyone.

KirkK said...

Looks quite good Kat! I use tabelog quite a lot. It’s much better than Yelp, which other than hours and location is pretty much worthless to us.

K and S said...

I often use Yelp in Hawaii Kirk for location and sometimes read the reviews.

Take care.