Monday, November 27, 2017


I mentioned in my previous post that it was a holiday on Thursday.

Earlier in the month when we visited MIL, we had planned to visit Satoshi's grandma's grave too, but since MIL had requested bento from the department store, we figured that we wouldn't be able to get to the department store and visit the grave, so we instead went to visit the grave this past Thursday.

On our way back to town we jumped off the bus at Kyoto Gyoen (the former Imperial Palace) and checked out the fall foliage.

Huge huge ginko tree.

Click on this photo to see a short video.

Across the street is Go-o Shrine.

Huge ginko tree here too.

Click on the photo to see the video.

Lunch was at the Gyoza Ohsho on Oike Boulevard.

This one is fancy and serves a different menu from their other shops.

Apparently they are marketing target is the female population...

Of the different things we tried, we loved the fried rice with all sorts of Kyoto style tsukemono (pickles) in it.

(and they measure the amount of wine they give...whoo!)

There were also some trees to see along Oike boulevard as we walked to our train station.

I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and got great deals on Black Friday.

Can you believe there are only 5 weeks until the end of 2017?! Too fast.

Gyoza Ohsho
430 Tatsuike-cho (on Oike Boulevard, corner of Anekoji and Ryogaemachi)
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: 075.251.0177
Monday-Saturdays 11:00-24:00, Sundays 11:00-22:00


Rowena said...

I can believe! I can believe!

alibaba37 said...

Oh Kat, that last video with the ginko leaves falling, is just stunning!! Thank you for sharing.

Rona Y said...

Totally off topic, but I just read this article about a potential smoking ban in all indoor public places!

Only in Tokyo, but if it happens there, it will spread across Japan eventually! Hopefully by my next visit, anyway!

K and S said...

Rowena, krazy fast, yeah?!

Thanks Alibaba37, glad you enjoyed it!

Rona, Finally! I think they are doing this in preparation for the Olympics in 2020. Looking forward to meeting up on your next visit.

Take care everyone!