Wednesday, November 22, 2017

roi thai

Roi Thai is a brand that we have here for coconut milk.

Recently, as I was walking around Kaldi Coffee Farm (a shop that imports all sorts of foods), I noticed that they had an "instant" curry.

I picked up their Massaman, Green and Red.

Each box is 2 servings and you only need to cook the curry for a couple of minutes, so I precooked all the "stuff" I wanted to put in it...eggplant, red bell pepper, maitake and chicken.

We tried the green curry, because I thought "green" was not as hot as "red"...wrong.

It was super spicy!

But so good!

I'm glad we tried this, and the next time I put chicken, I think I'm gonna try putting in minced chicken instead of chicken wings, so it will cook through faster.


Rowena said...

I've never heard of that brand, but over here, I get a 400g tub of Mae Ploy and always the red but not because it's less hot - I prefer the color.

K and S said...

Rowena, There is a supermarket here that sells restaurant sized stuff, as well as consumer size, I should see if they have thai curry paste as well.

Take care!