Monday, November 13, 2017


Earlier this morning I went to Sanshikisaido. I love this street.

This year the leaves changed quickly, our mornings have been in the 40s(F)...brr while warming up by lunchtime, which is perfect for the leaves to change colors.

Click on this photo to see a short video that I shot.

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I hope to get out later this week on more walks to see more fall foliage.


KirkK said...

Lovely photos. We don't really get the changing of the seasons here in SoCal.

jalna said...


Rowena said...

it's been getting down to the 5°C but still not enough to get some snow at our altitude. we want a white xmas!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk, hope it is at least cooling down where you are.

Thanks Jalna!

Dang we are going down to 2C in a couple of days, Rowena...

Take care everyone!