Tuesday, September 19, 2023

shiseido parlour cafe

Saturday we ran some errands and then went into Shiseido Parlour Cafe for something sweet.

They had many parfaits and I thought Satoshi would choose the chestnut parfait, but he chose this fresh peach one, he said it was delicious.

I chose Aumônière, which means drawstring bag in French.

A thin crepe filled with marron (chestnut) paste, cassis sherbet, almond florentine and chocolate ganache. 

You could also drizzle some caramel sauce, I did drizzle a little but it made things a bit overly sweet.

There were also bits of marron glacés (candied chestnuts) too


It was our first time here and we enjoyed it, they also serve savory things too.

We'll be back.

Shiseido Parlour Cafe
Lazona Kawasaki
Open when Lazona Kawasaki is
Hours: 11:00-21:00


Anonymous said...

marron glaces: yuuummmmmm!

KirkK said...

Looks yummmy Kat! Is this is in Kawasaki?

K and S said...

V, so ono!

Kirk, yes :)

Take care you two.

Rowena said...

wow, chestnut desserts already? I haven't even thought about the goodies that come with chestnut season, but from the looks of it, chestnuts will be ready for harvest in a week -- this year get loads on the trees.

K and S said...

still so warm though Rowena

Take care.