Monday, September 25, 2023


Friday, I went to get my Covid XBB vaccine.

For the most part I felt okay after, then Saturday my arm hurt and I had a slight fever.

I did take aspirin and still somehow got the errands that needed to be done, done.

The gloomy rain didn't help the mood though.

Sunday, felt way better though for the 1st time there is a slight “lump”where the vaccine was administered… 

We got out early and went to check out the higanbana (spider lilies) at Fuchu City Local Forest Museum.

If you remember we went here in March to check out the ume.

backstory: On an afternoon program, they featured this park and showed all the spider lilies in bloom.

It was so beautiful.

Apparently this park has 350,000 spider lily blooms! mostly all under the ume trees!

I also learned that it is also called manjushage.

Apparently this flower is poisonous and was planted near the bodies of the deceased to deter animals.

We along with lots of others were at the park when it opened at 9:00.

Snacks from Kimuraya Bakery, who has been in business since 1965

Curry pan, gateau noir & menchi katsu sandwich…delicious!

Kakuni don (braised pork belly bowl) with matcha sauce at Iyemon Cafe for lunch

This was so delicious! I want to recreate it!

Satoshi had their soy milk tan tan udon, which he drank all the soup! ack! when I wasn't watching...

We want to come back to try other matcha dishes/drinks

The weather FINALLY got cooler in the early mornings and evenings…but will go back to blazing in a couple of days…ack

Have a good week.

Kimuraya Bakery
1-6-56 Minami-cho
Fuchu, Tokyo
Closed Tuesdays
Hours: 7:00-19:00

Iyemon Cafe
Lazona Kawasaki
Open when Lazona Kawasaki is

ps if you are interested more photos, look here


KirkK said...

Oooh, glad the side effects weren't too bad Kat! That kakuni don looks so good!

K and S said...

Thanks Kirk, me too, and that kakuni don was ono!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I gotta check this Iyemon cafe out! Drooling!
What would matcha sauce be? to dip the the kakuni in?

K and S said...

V, only the kakuni and the shibazuke was flavored so the matcha sauce (which was a little salty) was good on the other veggies and the quinoa.

Take care.