Friday, September 22, 2023

this and that

Tokyo People...out for a walk
Gathering up all the "illegally" parked bicycles

1st time seeing yellow spider lilies...
Love the colors of this chrysanthemum
Tried a new version of spam musubi from Family Mart

It had gloopy teriyaki sauce and sliced medium boiled eggs.

I prefer the one with tuna mayo & scrambled egg...
Oomasari, fresh peanuts, that I boiled.

Back in 2018 when we first tried them they were huge, they still are.

Went to Daily Supply SSS, a little coffee stand nearby.

I tried their espresso tonic and galette bretonne...770 yen (tax included)

The espresso tonic was delicious, though I thought it would've been more fizzy.

The cookies were delicious too, buttery!

I think they might be related to Sando, which we tried back in 2019 because they also call their espresso tonic, Tonny (different spelling)

Tokyo people...everyone has the fan jackets to keep cool.

Did you know that the guy who invented this jacket, didn't have enough money to get a patent? so now "everyone" can make them...
Bought some new (to me) is strawberry and chocolate kinokonoyama and the other is kokuto (black sugar) chocolate covered almonds.

Looking forward to trying these.
Asian pear season is bulgogi season for me...bummer the sanchu lettuce was so expensive and so skimpy looking, probably the tolls of the blazing summer heat.

I receive my XBB vaccine later today, hoping it doesn't wipe me out over the weekend.

Hope you have a safe weekend.


Anonymous said...

wish they would confiscate all the bikes that #$%^&* people ride on the sidewalks here!!!

jalna said...

I gotta google those fan jackets. How "cool".

Rowena said...

I cannot wait to get to Hawaii and bring back some spam - yesss!

KirkK said...

So what happens to those bikes Kat?

K and S said...

so dangerous V!

hope you can find them Jalna :)

Rowena :)

Kirk, they get held at a "pound" where most people don't go to pick them up because they need to pay a fee, so I've heard some cities sell the bikes if they aren't picked up by the owners.

Take care everyone.