Friday, March 01, 2024


Wednesday, met up with V & M to show them to Fuchu City Local Forest Museum.

The kawazuzakura was blooming in a tiny pocket park nearby.

The girls day dolls were up.

Luckily even after all that strong wind on Monday & Tuesday, there were still ume flowers on the trees.

We even spotted Mount Fuji from a remote area of the park.

Robai (waxy apricot) was still in bloom

V treated us to ume soft serve...bits of kari kari ume (the crunchy ume) mixed into the soft serve, delicious
And also gave us some omiyage from her travels to Okayama and Matsuyama (thank you!)
Love the bag!

Thanks for today V & M, have a safe trip back to Hawaii!


jalna said...

V is da bomb.

K and S said...

Jalna, she is so generous!

Take care.

KirkK said...

Lovely photos Kat!

K and S said...

Glad you enjoyed them Kirk :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking us to these places! And we really lucked out with the perfect weather!

K and S said...

glad you and M enjoyed, the weather was nice yeah?!

Take care.