Saturday, January 21, 2006

cafe copine plus

I had an English lesson today. Satoshi had his German language class. After his class though, he had to go to the office to settle some details for a customers travel itinerary.

So, after my lesson, I went to Umeda to have lunch. I went to one of my favorite places, Cafe Copine Plus. The reason why I like this place is: they have good food and they don't allow smoking. This cafe is located in the Daimaru-Umeda Department Store. Recently, a lot of department stores have banned smoking in most of their restaurants and cafes (yeah!!).

I had the daily plate lunch (in Japanese, they call this the "higawari" (daily) "wan" (one) plate lunch) Today's menu was grilled chicken and weiners with veggies. The sauce for the chicken and veggies was a balsamic one and grainy mustard for the weiners. Under the chicken was a little scoop of potatoes au gratin. There was also was a green salad and green beans mixed with corn and tuna. Plus, two pieces of baguette (which you could have seconds of...)

It was quite filling...but I also had dessert...a "tonyu" (soy milk) pudding wrapped in a thin "mochi" (rice cake) , strawberry sorbet and a cafe latte.

After Satoshi finished his work, we got together for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Buco di Muro. (I forgot all about taking pictures, so I guess we'll have to go back again!!) ;)
This place has wood burning oven, so you know pizza was GOOD! We ordered grilled veggies, a pizza with salad on it and a bacon spinach carbonara. Boy, were we stuffed!

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Take care!

Cafe Copine Plus
Daimaru Umeda Department Store 5F (UPDATE:2011 this cafe is no longer in Daimaru)
Phone: 06-4798-7720

Buco di Muro
Chayamachi Applause Tower B1
06-6377-5567 (UPDATE: 2012 this restaurant is no longer at this address)


Anonymous said...

That looks delicious, Kat!

It's almost lunchtime here and now I'm getting hungry ...

Anonymous said...

hi kat...i didn't know restaurants were banning i take it for granted here in california that there's no smoking and then i go to another state and get startled when the waitress asks, "smoking or non?"

K and S said...

Hi Ivonne,
It was very good. What did you end up having for lunch?

Hi Grant,
Most department stores have banned smoking in their restaurants--but have special smoking areas outside the restaurants for the smokers to smoke. I don't believe Japan could ever be a "smoke-free" country.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Kat & Satoshi

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kathy!!
You had another eating-Saturday!
Ha ha ha...
It looks really great.
I will to try Cafe Copine Plus!
Yeah...looks really Yummy!!!

K and S said...

Hi Aya,
Please try Cafe Copine Plus when you have time. The food was really good.
Thanks for stopping by!
Kat & Satoshi