Monday, January 30, 2006

for "locals" only?...nah!

Do you try to keep tabs on your home ground? I usually try to check in on the islands twice a week through the Honolulu Advertiser's website.

On Sundays, my favorite is "Deb Aoki's bento box" in the "Island Life" section. Deb Aoki is an illustrator from Hawaii now living in L.A.

"Bento" means "lunch". In Hawaii, a "bento" can sometimes consist of all kinds of different foods from different cultures. This comic strip showcases all of the diverse cultures we have in Hawaii.

Having grown up in Hawaii, reading this comic strip always puts a smile on my face, bringing back all kinds of memories and I sometimes catch myself laughing out loud. Here are two places to find her on the internet: Deb Aoki's blog &Deb Aoki's Bento Box on the Advertiser.

The other is "Taste/Recipes" also in the "Island Life" section. This is usually updated on Wednesdays. This section sometimes gives recipes of local dishes , local foods and food cultures.

Check 'um'dat


Anonymous said...

What a great idea ... it's so good to keep the connection alive!

And thanks for the link to the comics ...

Anonymous said...

Kat I'm always trying to keep tabs on whats going on at home. I like how you keep up with news from the Advertiser. I only wish that I had broadband so that I could maybe listen to the morning radio programs! Would be so cool to call in and request a song, and say to the radio host, "Uhm, like, I stay half way around da world heah but I still miss you guyz!!! Can you play one song fo' me l'dat?!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Kat,

Excellent thing to do indeed! I do the same, and luckily I have a French channel that allows me to be more connected!

K and S said...

Hi Ivonne,

You're very welcome...Enjoy!

Hi Rowena,

Have you tried the KRTR page? I'm not sure if you need broadband or what, but I've listened to their radio program several times. Gives the feeling of driving in your car or working in an island office... ;)

Hi Bea,

It must be nice to hear your native language sometimes.

Thanks for visiting!

Kat & Satoshi