Friday, January 13, 2006


Painduce is a bread bakery in Hommachi, Osaka (the business district of Osaka). The name is apparently a combination of words, "le pain", French for bread & the English word "produce".

I've been wanting to try this bread bakery, but haven't been able to go. A friend (the same one who gave me the smoked salmon)said she is hooked on this place and gave me an assortment of breads! (Thank you!!)

From the top in clockwise order: croissant, melon pan made with earl grey tea, 2 cream pan.

Melon pan is said to resemble a melon (there is no actual melon in it), some say that the name comes from the "meringue" that is put on the top of the bread dough. "Pan" is the katakana version of the French word for bread, "pain", which came from the Portugese word for bread "pao".

Cream pan is a sweet roll dough filled with custard cream.

All were very good!

4-3-1 Awajimachi FOBOS Bldg. 1F
Phone: 06-6205-7720
Open 8:00-19:00 Closed on Sundays
Eat-in area available


Anonymous said...

Those cream pans look delicious. Anything with custard in it has to be good ...

jasmine said...


Thanks for visiting my site!

I really love the look of that croissant--the striations almost make it look as if it was made of a beautifully-grained wood.

And yes, I understand the need to browse the cookery book section of bookstores...sigh...


K and S said...

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for stopping by.

Now that you mention it, the croissant did look like beautifully grained wood.

Have a nice weekend.

Kat & Satoshi

eat stuff said...

They all look so yummy!
I am glad that you explained where melon pan came from!

K and S said...

Ivonne, you are right, anything with custard in it is good!!

Clare, this food blogging thing has really helped me find out where things come from for myself, too!!

Have a great weekend!!