Thursday, January 19, 2006

gosh, what day is it?

Sigh...The days have all meshed together...I wake up in the morning(although sometimes I still think it's night since it's still dark) and wonder, "gosh, what day is it?" That's what happens to me when Satoshi works on the weekend and doesn't get any time off during the week.

Since the bus accident on Saturday, Satoshi has had to work late. He's been coming home at about 12 every night (which means the "kitchen" has to stay open...Yes, he eats "dinner" when he comes home!) He was actually supposed to be off today, but has to go into work because the injured people are returning to Japan today.

Every morning, I make him a "musubi" (rice ball) with different fillings in it such as "ume" (pickled plum), "furikake" (seasoned dried condiments to sprinkle on rice), "shake" salmon flakes, or some type of "tsukemono" (pickled veggies) which he brings to the office to snack on in the evening (at about 7 or 8 at night). Then when he comes home, I feed him a salad or some soup and then it's bedtime.(I try not to serve anything too heavy otherwise he won't want to eat anything the next morning.)

During the week, I wake up at 6:40 and start preparing breakfast. I try to serve "dinner" foods for breakfast because Satoshi can't really eat dinner at dinnertime (plus, with only having a salad the night before, he's kind of starving). Satoshi's alarm usually goes off about a half hour after I wake up and he doesn't get out of bed for another half an hour (it's worse in the winter for him, plus he has bad sleep habits since he doesn't go to sleep at the same time every night).

After he leaves for work, I do chores around the house. (Although, if I'm feeling kind of low on energy, I go back to sleep) Then I get ready to go out for my grocery shopping. I usually shop everyday, picking up little items to add-on to our meals. At the same time, I usually pick up something for lunch. Usually I buy a sandwich or "okazu" (side dishes) to eat with rice. Then after lunch, it's Kat's nap time (this nap can last for 3 or 4 hours sometimes), but considering I wait up until midnight (sometimes later...), it is definitely necessary! I don't know how Satoshi does it because he doesn't get to take a nap!!

Hopefully this weekend will be a restful one for the both of us.

For those of you in cold areas, I wanted to share a picture of some hot cocoa by Cafe Tasse. I got this the last time I went to Hawaii at the Honolulu Chocolate Company. Just add heated milk to the contents...It was really rich and really hit the spot!

One more day until the weekend!! :)

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