Sunday, January 22, 2006

dark chocolate shopping

Today Satoshi and I went to a shopping complex called Minoo Visola. It is about 10 minutes from our place by car, 20 minutes by bus. There was a new movie that Satoshi wanted to see and it was playing at this shopping complex. The movie was "Uchoten Hotel"...I guess my Japanese proficiency isn't too great because I thought the previews of this movie were a lot better than the movie itself, while Satoshi, on the other hand, enjoyed the movie.

When we got to the shopping complex, we bought our tickets and realized we had some time before the movie. We decided to walk around Carrefour. Carrefour is actually from France and is the worldwide leader in hypermarkets. Hypermarkets are a combination of department store and supermarket. The aisles are really wide like America's supermarkets, you weigh the food you want to buy and can actually "touch" it before buying (they aren't already pre-packaged like most Japanese supermarkets are) and they have all kinds of foods from all around the world--especially from France.

Since we don't go to this shopping complex too often, I decided to check out the candy aisle as well as the Italian and Mexican shelves...let's just say, I could stay in the grocery area for a LONG time...

While roaming the aisles, I found a LOT of dark chocolates (which I "had" to buy) from different chocolate makers....From the top, left to right: Monbana Chocolatier (France), Chocolatier Rademaker (Holland), Cemoi Chocolatier (France), Sarotti & Rausch (Germany)....can't wait to try them!!

Have a great week!!


eat stuff said...

I love dark chocolate!!
I would have definately bought it all too!

K and S said...

Hi Clare,

You know, I would have bought more, if I could... :)

Take care!!

Kat & Satoshi