Sunday, January 08, 2006

sunday dinner

Today is Sunday, but Satoshi had to go to work. We decided to go out for dinner. Two stations away from us, there is an Italian restaurant called Ristorante Hollyhock.

The chef is very particular about what ingredients he uses. He values organic vegetables and Slow Food. We both chose the prix fixe menu ("set menu" in Japanese).

My appetizer (in katakana) was a mini banyocaruda...(what??) on the side of the menu it said olive oil fondue. So, I went to the internet to tell me what the heck it was in English...Thank you Accidental Hedonist, you had the answer!! It is called Bagna Cauda and it is an olive oil fondue :)

The second course was a pasta with organic vegetables and a tomato sauce. My main entree was herb grilled lamb. Everything was very good. And because the chef is particular about (the Japanese call this "kodawari") the types of vegetables and meats that he uses, everything was very fresh and tasted great!

Since the areas along the Japan Sea Coast are still suffering from major snow, the price of vegetables has skyrocketed! I used to pay 98 yen (about $1) for 1/2 a cabbage; but today, I had to pay 198yen (about $2) for 1/2 a cabbage and a whole one was 380yen (about $4). It would have been a bit economical to buy a whole one, but since there is only the two of us, we wouldn't be able to finish it all...On the news they were saying that in Tokyo a head of lettuce was 500 yen!! (nearly $6)

Tomorrow is a holiday, Coming-of-Age Day (Seijin no hi). Hopefully I'll have something to write about. :)

Ristorante Hollyhock
5-1-52 Minoo Alcos (in katakana arucosu) Bldg. 2F
Phone: 072-724-2221
Closed on Tuesdays

UPDATE: this restaurant has now moved and is no longer at the above address.

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