Friday, January 13, 2006

okay, I am it (again!!)

Being a newcomer to the food blog world, I was excited when Ivonne at Cream Puffs in Venice tagged me for a 7 Meme. Then, Zoubida at Kitchen Culture emailed me to let me know that she was planning to tag me for a 5 Meme. What is a Meme? As Rorie of Milk & Honey said, it is "a grown-up slam book" (boy, was that a blast from the past! I had forgotten about those!).

Anyway, since I don't have many recipes on this blog, I'm going to kind of change the goes, the 5 things I like about my blog:

1) My very first post on my blog: Ekchuah
2) The best dessert (because it was really good!!): "uwasa no kuroi" cheesecake
3) The most comments on a post (total 4): happy new year!!
4) My hit counter (for keeping track of things): Sitemeter & the blog provider(for allowing me to have this blog for FREE!): Blogger
5) And lastly, and most important, all my new friends that I've made since starting this blog!!

Thanks for making me feel welcome to a delicious and intriguing new world!!

Have a great weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Ha! You've been getting hit by the MEME thing too eh? I have to catch up on your previous posts because I've been going in circles trying to read the latest on everyone else. If there is one complaint that I have about blogging it's that trying to keep up can be so difficult sometimes!

Hey, a girl's gotta eat, sleep, play, etc... ;-)

Anonymous said...

One more thing, a blog can also be distracting when there's new links in the sidebar. For instance, I just clicked on LOHAS... I wonder what I'll find there....

K and S said...

yuppers Rowena, meme tags here and there, but it's been fun!!
I know what you mean about trying to keep up with everyone else's blog, but it's so interesting reading that the time just flies!!

hope you have a great weekend!
Kat & Satoshi

Journal Actif said...

You brilliantly adapted the meme to your blog Kat & Satoshi! I love it! Thank you for participating.

jasmine said...

This seems to be a popular question :) I composed this for Candied Quince:

"A meme is a piece of cultural info or that is transmitted from one mind to another (but not necessarily formally taught); the idea itself doesn’t necessarily stay the same and can be subject to change from person to person.

Examples of memes include melodies, a particular style or fashion or ideas.

In this case, the meme is akin to a chain letter: a common set of questions sent to people via tags…but we don’t have to send in money and there’s no fear of bad things happening to us…

I think the above is correct; if someone else can amend or totally correct, please do…"


K and S said...

Hi Zoubida,
Thanks for tagging us. We enjoyed participating.

Hi Jasmine,
I like your definition of Meme, it seems to address it very well!

Kat & Satoshi