Tuesday, April 03, 2007

goma-azuki-satsumaimo bread

Have you ever seen a bread this intense?

Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment in Umeda. After my 3 month cleaning and check-up, I wandered the food floor of the Daimaru department store.

I bought myself a bento (boxed lunch) for lunch and also found this great bread made by Paul Bocuse, a well-known French chef--sorry but I had not known about Paul Bocuse until coming to Japan.

This bread ( I think this bread had some kind of French name, but it was in katakana and I couldn't remember it. )is a crusty french bread filled with kurogoma (black sesame seeds), azuki (adzuki beans), chunks of satsumaimo (sweet potato) and shirogoma (white sesame seeds) on top.

In the past, I had tasted another bread made by another bakery with just sweet potato and black sesame seeds, which was also very delicious, so I figured this bread with the azuki beans was a bonus layer of flavor.

I guess a slice of this might have tasted wonderful with butter and/or jam on it, but why would I want to cover up the natural sweetness from the beans and sweet potato?

Looking forward to having more of this for breakfast tomorrow!


2kamuela47 said...

That bread looks heavenly! Kat you find such wonderful stuff. Have a great week! Take care.

bourgogne said...

that bread looks like a meal in itself. somehow i think the french breads in japan might be even better than the french breads in france!

K and S said...

Thanks Laura!

It does look like a meal in itself, Bourgogne. I've never had french bread in France, so I'm curious to see if they may be better in Japan.

Take care.