Saturday, July 21, 2007

kiwi house

Today for lunch, Satoshi and I went to New Zealand...well, sort of, there is a restaurant called Kiwi House in Takarazuka. The last time we ate here was 3 years ago (before this blog) and at that time, we missed their lunch service. The restaurant is located about 5 minutes from the Hankyu/JR Takarazuka station.

Amidst all the high rise condos, there is a large farm house styled house. (The owner/chef apparently fell in love with New Zealand on a visit and decided to start a restaurant using imported foods from New Zealand. )

The course we chose was called: yuttari lunch (leisurely lunch) (1890yen about US$16) which started out with 3 appetizers--canteloupe and proscuitto, marinated feta cheese with tomatoes and red onion and a seasoned greenshell mussel.

Satoshi had a glass of Kiwi fruit wine by Preston. I thought this wine was a bit too fruity and could have been drier. And I had a glass of merlot-cabernet by Matua. It was a nice wine but I would have enjoyed this wine more if it were served at room temperature instead of chilled.

Next came a chilled edamame (soy bean) soup. You could really taste the soy beans and I enjoyed the little cream swirl, it reminded me of a flower. Satoshi didn't enjoy this soup too much, he said that soup should be served hot.

A good-sized salad with a light vinaigrette.

The main dish was a daily special--rolled pork. Veggies rolled inside a piece of pork then braised and served with peas, broccoli, and carrots. The sauce was a little sweet but really delicious with the french bread that was served.

Dessert was a cheese cake made from NZ cream cheese and ice cream also made from NZ products.

It was nice to "get away" for a bit, re-visit this restaurant and enjoy a relaxing lunch.

Kiwi House
7-3 Yumotocho
Takarazuka, Hyogo
Phone: 0797-86-7657
Closed on Wednesdays


Barbara said...

What a fun place. I guess it is the same as a Japanese restaurant in NZ and we have lots of them. Strange for them to serve the red wine chilled.

K and S said...

I have a sort of pet peeve about serving red wine chilled Barbara, somehow I think the flavor gets lost when it is chilled. And unfortunately, a LOT of restaurants in Japan serve red wine chilled. :(

Thanks for stopping by and take care.

Anonymous said...

what a great place to be in! a touch of NZ!

Anonymous said...

i'm dying to go to new zealand AND new zealand in japan. that all looks yummy. -bourgogne

2kamuela47 said...

What a great lunch! Have a great weekend!

K and S said...

Thanks Bea and Laura!

I hope you get to visit this restaurant when you come to Japan, Bourgogne! :)

Take care everyone.