Saturday, September 27, 2008

from parsley comes...

The weather has been gradually getting cooler. Not humid as much and bearable. The plants apparently appreciate the cooler weather too because my Italian parsley got really bushy.

After the downpour on Friday morning, I decided to seek out lunch and go grocery shopping.

Since I had potatoes, I thought I would use part of the parsley for potato salad.

Cooked 3 small potatoes until tender then peeled them and cut them kind of chunky. Cut a bit of onion and grated it.
Sliced some cucumber thin and added salt and let them sit for 5 minutes then rinsed and squeezed them.
Added 2 slices of crispy bacon, broken up into bits.
Added 1 tablespoon of sweet pickle juice, 2 teaspoons mayo and several tablespoons of Penzey's Green Goddess dressing*
Chopped up a little handful of parsley.
Mixed well and chilled until dinner.

*I got part of the Penzey's Green Goddess dressing mix from my mom when I was home earlier this year. The mix is easy to put together, just some vinegar, water and yogurt or mayo. I used yogurt. We've been enjoying this dressing with cucumber and carrot sticks.

From my rice connection, I also received some eggplants (thank you!), so I decided to use them and some carrots in this recipe. My food processor is really teeny so it took me several batches to blend the soup, and there were some chunks that missed out on the food processing, but it was great, especially with some toasted sesame bread.

For dessert, I melted some dark chocolate to drizzle pour over some haupia...whew! that was a lot of food, but it was all good.

Satoshi is at work today, so it is just another day at home for me, hope you are enjoying your weekend.


Phoebe said...

yummy soup! hahaa I know what you mean by having a small food processor and sometimes bits of food flies everywhere

K and S said...

your food processor spits stuff out Phoebe?? scary!!

Take care.

Debinhawaii said...

Oh my all three of those dishes sound wonderful. I love anything with green goddess dressing too. The soup sounds delicious and the dark chocolate on those little clouds of haupia makes my chocoholic heart flutter! ;-)

K and S said...

Thank you Deb, glad the dark chocolate made you smile :)

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I only quickly skimmed your recipe so I could be wrong, but may I suggest an immersion blender? You could blend the mixture while still in the pot. I know it might not be multi-purpose enough for you since you have limited storage space in your kitchen. I purchased one for my mom for around $30 a couple years ago in the U.S.

Phoebe said...

haha no no not my food processor...its university's...studied "kitchen operations".

Pumpkin and tomatoes went into the oven to be roasted for one hour...towards the end of roasting (as the food started to dry) I added too much stock by accident.

I then had to process pumpkin & tomato to make the soup...since I couldn't find the little cover to cover the tiny surface area of the lid, and the food processor was "flat-short-small" guessed what happens...

BIG mess...hehehe

K and S said...

that is funny but still scary, Phoebe :)

Hi Anon, actually an immersion blender is on my "want list", but storage is premium and I actually have my mom's hand-me down jumbo food processor waiting for me in Hawaii...thanks for the suggestion though.

Take care you two.